Monday, February 7, 2011

My Sweet Stubby,

I woke up very early today just as I did one month ago today. That morning I was faced with fear and heartache where today I feel only emptiness. I grieve for you each and every day, and I hope that one day I can get past these feelings of despair. My life has not been the same since you left but I know you are safe, well, and living life like you once did.

You were so brave as you knew your time here was ending. You trusted us to make the right decisions and though we know we did, it still hurt so much to make them. I couldn't let you go but I couldn't see you suffer anymore. Your little body tried so hard to stay strong but in the end it was only your strong will that carried you on.

You were only concerned for me as each night you would wish upon a star before going to sleep. "Please watch over my mom and dad when I am gone" is what you would say, not caring about your own wellbeing but being very concerned about ours. You would kiss me goodnight and tell me that everything was going to be okay, but it wasn't.

We stayed with you and held you as we told you how much we loved you. You held onto Tweedles's paw here while reaching for Betty's paw on the other side. Even after you were safely on your journey I couldn't let you go. I wondered then and still do how I am going to live without you.

Losing you has been the hardest thing I've ever had to face. Your time here was so short but I take comfort in knowing that I will see you again one day. It's hard for me to think about the end so I try to focus on the beginning and the middle. Though my favorite memories of you are from last couple of years, the beginning of your life with us was truly the happiest time of my life.

I still remember the day we brought you home like it was yesterday. I couldn't believe how tiny you were, this little pug that we were now parents to. I remember feeling overwhelmed at the enormity of the task we were taking on but knowing that we could and would do it together. Do you remember that day, too? You were the last member of your litter and at first I wasn't so sold on you. You were cute but I didn't think you were the one until I picked you up and you snorted in my face. I turned to Daddy and said "Get the checkbook" because it was all over. You had picked me and I was forever honored to be your mommy. You won the hearts of everyone you met but I never knew on that day that I would be forever changed by your life.

This is one of my favorite pictures of you standing next to Deanne, her giggling profusely at the funny little puggy snorting in her ear. I still remember the car ride home, Drew and Deanne squealing in the back seat while you sat in my lap in the front seat as quiet as a mouse. "I think he's broken" I said to Daddy which made him laugh. "He's not broken, he's just scared" he reminded me gently. We tried to feed you ice cubes to cool you on that hot July day but you just sat there and shook, wondering what was happening to you.

We had no idea what to do with such a little puppy like you. You made yourself right at home from the moment you walked into our house and our hearts. Every place was Stubby's place and soon you settled in with the family that would love you forever. We knew we loved you but never knew you would love us as much as you did.

I would hold you and look at you for hours. You were so perfect and so perfect for me. How could I have gotten so lucky to have such an adorable pug like you? I had waiting for so many years to get a pug and it was fate that brought you to me.

It's funny looking back at these old pictures because I wonder what you were thinking. Plucked from your family at 10 weeks old, you had no idea what kind of house you would end up in. Sometimes you looked so confused and scared but I think you just missed your surroundings as you settled into new ones. Do you remember how that silly little bowl would change colors when we put water in it? It was an oatmeal bowl, not a dog bowl! We were so unprepared for puppy life, weren't we?

Your first day home was filled with such magic and excitement. Every step you took had to be recorded and your small size never ceased to amaze me. I had secretly hoped you would stay small forever but knew in my heart that you would grow into a big, strong man. Oh how right I was but back then you were just a baby.

You tired so easily when you were a baby. I would take you in the yard and sit with you for hours. We would make plans for our future and all the things we would do. I never imagined the day would come when you would have to leave but I promise you I will do all the things you didn't get to do. You are still with me in spirit even though your body is gone and I know you are watching over me, protecting me from harm.

We told ourselves that we wouldn't allow you on the furniture but who could resist such a cute face? All you had to do was look at me and I would melt. There was no resisting Stubby, not by me and not by anyone. You had that power to charm and you used it at will. I never really understood that until I looked back at these pictures.

I know that you remember your huge house, don't you? What were we thinking buying a cage that big? Did we think you would grow into it? Luckily, Daddy was smart enough to place a divider in the cage so that your spot was just the right size. We never did take the divider out because after we moved to our new house we decided you were a big boy and didn't need a cage anymore. Your cage was moved to the basement, never to be used again.

But in the meantime, you tried to eat your way out of your house. I know it must have been lonely to be in there while we were off at work, but it kept you safe and out of harms way. You slept in our bed with us from the first night you were home until the last night of your life. There was no way we could let you sleep in your house or on the floor, so far away from us. You needed us just as much as we needed you.

Your favorite place to sit was always on Daddy's lap. Even though you were Mommy's baby you were Daddy's little guy. He never thought of himself as a little dog guy until you came along. You guys were inseparable and he loved you like only a Daddy could. You were his constant companion, his every thought, and his best friend. He told everyone he met about the work you did as an assisted therapy dog. He was so proud of you and he misses you so much.

If Daddy got home before I did, he would take you outside to wait for me. Daddy and Stubby time, he would call it. You guys would bond and talk guy talk. He would tell you all about his day and you would listen, never questioning or judging, just accepting him as your own. He would ask you about your day and you would tell him how, despite the long list of chores I had left for you, that you didn't get a thing done.

I would pull into the driveway and see my two little guys waiting just for me. Oh how those memories are so fresh in my mind. What did I ever do to deserve this perfect little family of mine? I would rush into your waiting arms and promise to stay by your side forever.

As you started to grow I wondered what you would look like. Would you still be the cutest pug ever? I never really had any doubts and even if you weren't perfect to anyone else you were still perfect to me. Even at the end you were more then I could ever have imagined. You never were a problem, only a joy.

Your first Thanksgiving was such a happy time. You knew it was my favorite holiday and soon it would be yours, too. We celebrated with my family and were thankful for all we had been given. I see the baby gate in the background of his picture but I don't remember why it is there. Did your grandpa not want you running into the bedroom while he was napping? You were ever the curious little pug, looking for a warm body to cuddle up to and love. Grandpa was not in the best of health and didn't realize that your love would cure him of whatever ailed him. If only he had known.

You weren't yet born when my mom died but you stayed right by my side when my dad died. You silently listened to me talk about him and about how amazing he was. You knew I was hurting and your presence comforted me so much. You kissed away my tears as they fell on you. Losing my parents hasn't been as hard as losing you because you were my baby. Were and always will be.

I tried so hard to keep it together your first Christmas but I was missing my dad. You were the best gift to me that season. Thank you for knowing what to do to help me through the dark times. I couldn't have made it through them without you.

Do you remember how I would come home from the beauty salon with my hair straightened and you wouldn't recognize me? "It's me Stubby, your mommy" I would say to you and you would just stand there looking at me so strange. I would walk ever so gently over to you, not wanting to scare you. I would pick you up and as soon as you smelled me the kisses would flow. You smelled me as your own and everything was once again all right in your world.

You loved being in our bed - I mean your bed. You would snuggle under the covers, peeking your eyes out to see who was coming and going. Even though you took up half the bed with your little body, we wouldn't have had it any other way because it was where you belonged. It seems wrong to sleep now that you are gone because there is no warmth from an empty bed. I can still see you sleeping next to me, peacefully dreaming without a care in the world.

Sometimes I held on to you not wanting to ever let you go. I feared for your safety and worried that something terrible might happen to you. You would let me hold you for a short time before jumping down to grab a bone or toy. It was all that jumping that I think led to your eventual back problems. Had I of known then what I know now maybe things would have been different. I can't look back and wonder what if, but I can look back in wonder at you.

All of your friends always commented on your smile. You were such a happy pug, always. Your smile lit up a room and filled my heart with such joy. Even when you weren't smiling on the outside I knew you were smiling on the inside because you were always so happy. Happy to just be with us, never needing anything else.

I don't know why I ever worried about what you would look like when you grew up because you were simply beautiful. You had a face that was always full of expression whether we talked to you or you to us. You understood so many words and would tilt your head this way and that to show your understanding. Even as your body deteriorated and it became hard for you to bend down to eat, you knew a head tilt would bring a smile to my face. Always one to please, you never let me down.

I remember when your chin started to gray. It look so cute and made you look so distinguished. With years of experience behind your eyes you knew that you were becoming a big boy. You may have been a big boy but you'll always be my little boy. Your perch on the arm of the sofa was a show of who was in charm. You were always the king of the casa.

Soon we outgrew our house and decided it was time to buy a bigger one. One that would have lots of room for you to grow into. One that would have a big fenced in yard for you to play in. One that would surrounded you with love all the days of your life. And as our house grew so did you, into the big boy you were meant to be. You loved your new freedom in the house and the only two mistakes you ever had in the house were because we were gone too long. They were our fault, not yours.

You loved being in your backyard. It was your true domain and everyone that entered had to play with you. I know you wanted some brothers and sisters (pugs and humans) to play with but all the neighborhood kids provided you with the fun times you sought. They would ride their bikes past the yard and you would run alongside them, begging them to come inside to play. When they would turn the corner you would run like a maniac across the yard to the other fence, pleading with them to stop and play. Your path across the yard was well worn and even though you couldn't run anymore last summer you still managed to sit in your yard and bark at the kids. It was your yard because we bought this house for you. It was and will always be Stubby's yard.

You had so many friends throughout your life, even before you started blogging. Your best friend Cody, the golden retriever, was really more like your big brother to you. He showed you around the neighborhood when we moved to our new house and he remained your best friend until he left for the Bridge. His cousin T-Bone the bulldog made you laugh because he thought he was a lap dog like you. I know all of you are back together and playing like you used to. Please hug them for me and tell them I miss them.

You didn't like dressing up for Halloween but you always did. Thank you for doing that for me. The kids just loved seeing you in your costumes and even though you never went trick-or-treating, it was tradition for you to hand out candy to everyone who stopped by. Those horns were the bane of my existence for a while and after a couple years I was happy if you just wore your cape. You were the cutest devil dog ever.

I couldn't believe my eyes the first time I saw you in your Frankenpug costume. T-Bone wanted you to wear the same costume he did but you weren't so sold on the idea. If I thought the horns from the devil costume were bad the arms from this costume might have been worse. You couldn't shake them off like you did the horns but you would bump into the walls as you ran to answer the door each Halloween. Daddy bought you a turtle costume last year but you wore your Frankenpug costume one last time. I could tell something was wrong that day but I never really thought it would be your last Halloween. Halloween will never be the same without you. All the kids will be looking for you this year and I don't know how I'm going to tell them that you're gone. Hopefully I will be feeling a little better by then and can remember the good times without crying.

You never really had any clothes until you got older. I don't remember when we bought your lumberjack coat but it fit you so snuggly. This picture has to be at least five years old because that's our old kitchen floor. You were a wee bit overweight then but I didn't realize at the time how bad it was for your health. You wore that coat so much this past winter despite the fact that it hung on you because you had lost so much weight. That coat stills hangs in your command center just like it did a month ago. We haven't removed anything from there except the name tag off your collar. Daddy carries it on his key chain and it sounds like you are running everytime he grabs his keys off his desk.

I will always remember your smiling face and how happy you were no matter what. You never complained even when you didn't get your way. Your smile will live on through the many pictures and memories I have of you. So many of your friends did tribute posts when you left and even though it pained me to read them, I had to because I wanted to know how much they loved you. You touched their lives so much and they will never forget you either. I'm so glad you got to meet some of your blogging friends these past two years and hopefully I will get to meet those that you couldn't meet in person.

I adored you as a baby, fell in love with you as you grew, and cherished you until the end. I cannot say goodbye because it hurts too much. I will say 'see you later' for now because I know you will be waiting for me when it is my turn to leave this Earth. Until then I will be here remembering you and our life together. You can never be replaced because there can only be one Stubby. My Stubby. The Life of Stubby.


Southern Fried Pugs said...

What a beautiful tribute. Stubby was well loved. And that's all we can ask.
I can't tell you that it gets better because I have yet to lose a heart dog. A dog that you love so much it hurts, even when they are still with us. I have lost dogs, including my sweet foster pug Quincy, and it is incredibly painful. Losing one of my girls makes me ill to think of it, although I know it will happen one day.
I pray that your grief will ease soon.

Salinger The Pug said...

OH MICHELE! (((((HUG)))))

Such a beautiful tribute to Sweet Stubby! Thank you so much for sharing his life with all of us. He really was a VERY special little guy and touched so many people in so many ways!

I think I see why he and Salinger were such good buddies...Salinger looks EXACTLY like Stubby used to!

I can't wait to see you when this yucky weather goes away so we can plan Stubby's tree together!


Noodles said...

Thank you for such a lovely post about a lovely pug. I was like all the other bloggers - drawn to Stubby by his smile. I never met him but I knew then as now that he was special. I have tears in my eyes - tears are something I save for very special people and pets. Yes, Stubby was that special to me.
Noodles's Mommy #2

Anonymous said...

Found you through Noodles.. I never met or even followed Stubby's adventures. I am now reading the story of your loss. I know how hard it is to make the decision to let someone you love go. Even when you know its the right thing to do its the hardest thing in the world. It gets better. Just keep believing

Kelly said...

I'm having a little trouble coming up with a comment that does this post justice. Your words are beautiful and heartfelt and I am, of course, crying my eyes out.

I wish I could just take your pain away, but the only way to not feel this pain would be to not have felt that love... and the years with Stubby make these times without him worthwhile. I don't have the right words... but I think the world of you and Gerry and know that you gave Stubby the life that every dog dreams of. To know that Stubby lived his life- from the tiniest puppy to his very last breath- in your loving care... that's so comforting. Never afraid, never confused, never without a home or a family... a LIFETIME of security. What an incredible blessing.

Sending love and hugs from Oklahoma.


Barbara said...

Okay, I had to step away from the computer four times because it became too emotional for me. The tears fall as I read this. There is always one very special dog in your life, no matter how many dogs you have.

I hope that you will be able to honor Stubby someday by showing your love to another dog. Stubby would have liked that.

Trixie, Lily, and Sammy-Joe said...

We came here from Noodles's blog and our Mama cried because she knows how bad it hurts. We have two sisters at the Rainbow Bridge. We never met them because they died before we lived with Mama, but she says she feels like they sent us to her to help her keep going... because after Chopper died the months were so sad and empty until she met us. Stubby sounds like a wonderful dog. He's your angel now and we know you'll be together again.

dw said...

Michele, your words say so much about your love for Stubby. I had to step away before writing this because your post brought tears to my eyes. I'm so glad to have had the honor of meeting Stubby and I'm also glad you shared Stubby's early years with us! I know he's looking at this post and smiling at all the good times you all shared. He was indeed a very special boy who is missed by many. I hope everyone's love for Stubby will help you through your loss of your very special little guy! *hugs*

Two French Bulldogs said...

What a beautiful post for sweet Stubby. I know I will have to go through it one day , as we all will, but I can't imagine. They are our real life furry children
Benny & Lily

Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

Stubby was loved and loved by you and his Dad. We will never forget his happy pug smile either. We send you many hugs.

Brutus, Ellie, Pippa and Otto said...

What a wonderfully beautiful post. Mom is all leaky and wishes she could reach through the computer to give you a great big hug!!!

We hope your grief will fade and all will remain are the happy memories you have of Stubby. He was and will always be very special. We are glad that we had the opportunity to meet him and he will never be forgotten.


Pugs & Kisses,

Yoda, Brutus & Ellie

Hank said...

Michele, as much as this post put a lump in my throat, it still made me smile. Smiling as I look at pics of baby Stubby, in his prime, and older but wiser.

All I can say is thank you for being everything a pet owner should be. AND thank you for sharing your Stubby with us.

Nothing remembered ever really dies.


Sarah, Hank and Molly

Archie and Melissa said...

dearest michele
i wish i had the words to say what is in my heart.
your tribute to stubby is so beautiful... like music.
he will always hear his mommy and daddy singing to him.
love like that is what life is about.
thank you so much for expressing it the way you do.
you are a gift and i love you!

Oskar said...

Oh what a moving tribute. I'm so sorry for your pain.

Nubbin wiggles & hugs,
Oskar & his mom person Pam

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Tears have blurred my eyes.
I will try to find words to speak.

Your tribute to Stubby is beyond beautiful. I know it was so hard for you to write these beautiful words, and share these memories. Memories of smiles and unselfish love.
Thank you for allowing all of us- Stubbys friends - to join you as you look back on these memories.
Thank you for including us as family members.
I know how much your heart is broken, because you and Gerry loved Stubby more than life.
I also know how much Stubby loved both of you
Even though you try to stop your tears,,,
I will tell you to "let the tears fall."
Each tear is a tribute of your love for Stubby.
When Stubby and I talked in the evenings, we talked about so many things. He told me that was the luckies pug in the world to have you and Gerry as his mom and dad. He told me that he would see you and Gerry again some day.
Stubby changed my life forever,, and I wil miss him forever and ever.
You were the best parents ever and Stubby was so thankful to have you both as parents.
I am without words
I send my love

Punchbugpug said...

Beautiful...a wonderful tribute to a truly wonderful little Pug! He will never truly be gone as long as he lives in your hearts.


Meredith LeBlanc said...

I've only "known" Stubby for a few months by way of Puglet's blog, but what I know of him is that Stubby was a Pug among Men. Last April I lost my dear, sweet lab Nicki at 14; like Stubby the last year of her life had been challenging and she was very reassuring that everything was OK up until it was time to say goodbye. We still cry for her but we know we are better for having shared our lives with her.

At the end of May we rescued Scarlet, a black pug who had been left to wander the streets. Cerainly Nicki paw picked her for us to bring light back to our little home.

Our animals are our greatest teachers. I know Stubby & Nicki are having are having a great time together and making sure we're all OK.

Love to you all,
Meredith, Mike, & Scarlet

Pearl and Tessa said...

What a fabulous tribute to your beloved Stubby. How lucky he was to have you, and you him. How fun it was to see the baby pictures, both of my girls are recycled, so we don't have those memories. We only got to know Stubby thru Puglets blog, oh how I wish we could have met him at the world wide tour. Rest in Peace Stubby. Its so hard to loose those we love.

Kris, Pearl and Tessa

Arlo The Pug said...

Beautiful. Just Beautiful. What a wonderful and loving way to honor you and Stubby's time together. My heart goes out to you during this difficult time. Lots of love, hugs and prayers, Penni and Arlo.

Crabbie Chris said...

I never did get to meet Stubby while you were both in town, but my little Bellatrix did. He was a little too old to want to deal with such a crazy thing, but because of him she got to taste Popeye's for the first (and only) time. It's these simple memories that keep him alive in our hearts always.
I know we always want to think of the big occasions we have with our pugs...first loss of a tooth...the first time they can jump on the sofa...first time they discover the power of their orbs or smile, but it's the simple memories that we cherish. Time sitting watching TV with them on our laps, sweet kisses when coming home from work, or when steal a bite of your chicken. Stubby was so very loved, and not just by you. Through your blog you were kind enough to share him with all of us, and I for one am thankful.
I will keep you in my thoughts and we send you our love.

Chris and Bellatrix

SpencerBartholomew said...

I couldn't read this straight through-I had to stop a few times and stop my tears. However, I've now read this at least five times today. It is such a beautiful reflection of such a special guy.
Stubby, I got to meet you once and I will never forget it. Your mom held Spencer & I held you. I knew you were special and I knew your parents were too. We have thought of you often since that day in San Francisco and, although we cannot imagine the loss your parents are feeling, we know you are safe and watching over them.
Reading about your parent's feelings towards you reminds me of how I feel about my pug, Spencer. He is my world. My studious little curly-tailed hambone and I cannot imagine a day without him. Yet, I know that when that time comes, you will be waiting for him- to guide him, to take care of him. You are a leader and a star, Stubby.
As much as it broke my heart to read this tribute it also made me smile; the memories you shared with your family are precious. I especially liked reading about you & your dad talking guy talk while waiting for your mom to come home. Or how your dad carriers your tag on his keychain. I know you cherished sitting in your backyard with your mom and snuggling up in bed.
Stubby- you are truly one of a kind. You are special and one that will always be remembered. I only wish to give Spencer the same joy and wonderful memories in his life that you & your family shared in yours. We love you Stubby and will think of you as we look to the sky- here's to you my man.

Beans4Biscuits said...

What a wonderful post about Stubby.
We did not know him, but just reading this tribute tells us how great he was.
It is clear how much Stubby was and is still loved.
We are so sorry that it was his time to go to the Bridge, but your letting him go was the most loving thing you could do.
We hope that your grief will ease soon and that you will always know that Stubby had a wonderful life and will always be with you.

Best Wishes
Cande & all the brats here;Butter, Sugar, Hannibal and Fred

Pugs2Luv said...

Stubby was and continues to be a ray of sunlight for all of us, especially after such a loving tribute. Your words reflected so many of the feeling I have after losing my pug Yoda a year ago. when we met Stubby last summer in San Francisco; he was such a comfort to ache that is still in my heart. The thought of Stubby and Yoda waiting for their humans together brings a me a smile through my tears. You continue to be in our thoughts and we are always here for support.

Love, Zoey, Phoebe and our human Susie

Apollo said...


Words cannot express how much my heart hurts for you and Gerry. This was a beautiful tribute post. While reading (had to take a couple breaks due to tears blurring the words), I could feel your love for him and how much he touched your lives. I feel so honored that we got to meet him, spend time with him, and be a part of his life. His life was short, but he accomplished a lot in such a short time. He touched the lives of so many people. He truly was an incredible Pug. Thank you for sharing him with us, and for painting this beautiful picture of his early years. I smile thinking of him and Gerry having guy talk while waiting for you to come home, of you playing with him outside as your little boy, of him snuggling with you both being so happy to be flocked by his two favorite people.... Even though Stubby has departed this physical world, he will forever live through memories in your heart. Please keep in touch, we can all remember him together.

Love and Hugs,

Unknown said...

Oh Michele, what a beautiful life Stubby had, and I will never ever forget how he looked at you when you brought him to visit. He was so devoted to you and loved you so much. I know what it is like to lose a pug you love this much, and I could not read the first few lines without crying with you. I miss Stubby. Today I think if I could have one wish, it would be that you could have him for a few more years and I could have Winnie Wiggles again, both happy and healthy.
love and hugs to you and Gerry

martha said...

Your tribute on the life of Stubby is beautiful. Like so many other people commented, I cried for you and for Stubby.

He was the best of pugs.


I Love Lucy said...

Thank you for sharing this angel with us. A wonderful tribute. Made me cry, and it's beautifully heartwarming.
Stubby is truly loved by us all.

Chicas Libelulas said...

Oh my what a Beutifull tribute.
We are sorry for your pain
Bechos and BIG Hug
Spongy,Licky & Marcella

Two Pugs in a Pod said...


I didn't comment on this post before because you don't really know me and, well, it's so hard to know what to say. I hope that you get to read and enjoy all of the wonderful tributes to your "green Stubby" today. He was a wonderful little guy, and he has truly left his mark on so many of us. I hope that your pain is easing a little by day.

Love and puggy kisses from my two to you,

Mariel, Klaus & Natty

Sue and Annie said...

Such a beautiful tribute to your loving dog, and what you say is so true of many of our babies who are at the Rainbow Bridge. I adopted Romeo one week after my darling Bo Peep died, but 9 years later I still have a hole in my heart, but I am also comforted by the many special memories. May you find that peace and comfort as well.

Ollie said...

I wrote on Puglet's blog today that my tribute to Stubby will be to send good thoughts and wishes to his friends and family.
May you feel the warm embrace and protection of everyone's kind loving thoughts, when you need them the most. In those darkest moments of grief, you are not alone.

planb said...

Thank you for this. My pug Lucy died Dec 12, 2010, and like you it has been the most difficult thing I have had to endure. It is difficult learning to live life pugless again, but please know that it does get better in time. Peace to you and Stubby and all the pugs who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

citydog said...

That was a beautiful tribute to your dear little friend.

I know it's hard to imagine now, but the pain does get better and while there will always be a Stubby-shaped hole in your heart, you *will* be able to talk about him and laugh and smile someday. You will.

moPSY+MISIOber said...

Hi Michele, I'm Gosia, and I'm from Poland. I didn't know you and Stubby until little Puglet mentioned both of you on his blog. It was very sad to hear Stubby went over rainbow bridge. My heart was with you at that time, and is now reading this great story about Stubby's life, and I cannot stop crying. He had most wonderful life with his mommy and dad. I have 3 pugs. My baby boy Fredzio, he is now 6,5. I got him as a 2 months puppie after sudden death of my parents and he is my whole world. Reading and watching Stubby, I see Fredzio and cannot imagine this "moment". I'm wishing you and your family all the best. Stubby will be always with you in your heart. Kisses Gosia
P.S. my two other pugs are my crazy girls Zuzia and Pucia. I took them from "factory" as 2 and 3years old and I love them as much as I love Fredzio:)

The Devil Dog said...

I am practically crying all over my desk, reading this post. I remember how much I cried and felt like you do now after my baby girl Bridget went to the bridge. Oh she was my baby girl. My very first dog and I was as heartbroken as you are. Finally I decided to get another pug, Lucky, and then Roxy and I've never regretted it, because the pain, while not going away, stopped leaving such a big, gaping hole in my life and I could go on, remembering Bridget with smiles and laughter, and not tears. Stubby is in heaven, with Bridget, and now Emmitt, and she is showing them the best sun spots and resting spots. Her sister Muffie is chasing bugs and they are all happy, as long as we don't cry too much over their loss.

Stubby was so special and so loved, and he loved you so much. I hope you grief and pain eases. Know that we are all here for you, if you should need us.

Roxy's mom

Two Pugs in a Pod said...

We miss you, buddy. But your Mom and Dad and Tiffy Tippy Toes are all doing so well! We know you are happy up there Stubby. :) Keep sending us your love!

Shane Kent Louis said...

Just have crossed paws on your blog, and your photos, you really have a happy family and you look so sweet to each other.

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Tweedles -- that's me said...

Its now December 2017,,, and I still think about you Stubby
We still love you

TimberLove said...

Sorry the spammers got woo, grrr, go away spammers,