Monday, October 18, 2010

Hi Friends!

My good friend Pearl always starts her blog posts by saying hi to all her friends so I thought I would borrow that from her today. Mom is taking a little break from working this afternoon so I asked if I could do a blog post to say hi and to tell you that I'm doing good. I have good days and bad days but lately I've been feeling really good and I think it's because I've been getting lots of sleep. Today I slept until 11:00 am because I was so sleepy! Mom thought I was sick but I just just all warm and snuggly under the blankets. Don't tell Mom but tomorrow I plan on sleeping until noon!

The photo above is of the sign that greets you as you arrive at our house. It's not that I need a reminder that it's autumn but I like to look at that sign everytime I walk by because it's a happy sign. I've been walking a lot these days, slowly, but a lot. I've also been reading all your blogs so I know what you guys have been up to and it looks like everyone is doing good. Yay! I haven't been doing much but when I do go out I have a great time.

Last month, Gen and The Foo called me up to see if I could meet them at the park for a playdate. I got Mom to drive me there and I had such a blast with my good friends. We were at a park I had never been to before and let me tell you there was so much to see and do. This park was huge and acorns littered the grass. It was like an acorn carpet! The squirrels were having a field day with all the acorns and they're sure to have lots tucked away for the winter.

We played at the park for quite some time while our moms talked about this and that. Thankfully, Gen and The Foo's mom brought treats because I was starving. She even posed for a picture with all of us. I had a great time with those guys and knew I would see them again soon.

My good friend Apollo came over last month with his mom and dad. I hadn't seen that guy since last year and we had lots of catching up to do. His pretty mom Jami sent me a big box full of foodables when my disc was angry and I gave her lots of kisses to thank her.

Mom and Dad made chili and soup for everyone but Apollo and I didn't get anything. We protested and went outside to look for bunny poop but the bunnies were MIA. Soon it was time for him to leave but I knew I would see Apollo again soon.

Do I look like Wilma in this picture? I thought so until Salinger's mom, who took this picture, told me I looked like a burrito. The official title of this photo is "Burrito boy" and I think that's a compliment. Let me just say it was freezing when we went to Indy earlier this month for the monthly pug meetup. Despite the cold weather and the rain I had tons of fun. I got to visit with my friends at the park, attend a football game, and then hang out at the home of the Pug Posse! Talk about an awesome day! Unfortunately, Mom didn't take any pictures because she was too busy holding me. I was shivering and anxious but I had a great time. Note to Mom: next time pack my sweater!

This is how I spend most of my days. I don't know why but my ear likes to stand at attention when I sleep. Mom thinks it's because I'm secretly listening to hear if any food is being made but really it's so I can hear when Mom leaves the room. I hate to be by myself so when Mom leaves the room so do I.

I also like to spend lots of time with the painting Aunt Nancy gave me when I visited her and her gang in Texas. The painting reminds me of my road trip and it calms me when I am anxious. I spend hours staring at it, sleeping in front of it, and wondering when the heck Mom is going to get around to hanging it up!

I've also been doing some home remodeling. Our guest bathroom needed updating so when Mom removed the shower curtain and placed it on the floor, I decided to use it as a bed. Notice the blinds from the guest room that was recently remodeled in the background. Sheesh! My peeps are keeping me on my toes!

It was absolutely beautiful last week so I talked Mom into working outside one day. I just couldn't get enough of the sunshine and fresh air. It worked its magic on me and soon I was sound asleep.

I've also been watching lots of football. Sometimes Mom's team isn't performing up to par so she puts the headphones on me so I can call in some plays. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I don't know why the quarterback doesn't listen to me!

Last weekend I visited the same park that I visited for Earth Day. Oh how beautiful it was! All the leaves were changing colors and falling to the ground. The animals were scurrying around and there were lots of people hiking. Unlike my Earth Day adventure when I was more mobile, this time I was in my buggy. I didn't really mind being in there because I got to take it all in from the comfort of the best seat in the park.

I hate it when my buggy stops because it makes me think the fun is over. Mom just stopped to take this picture and look how impatient I got!

One of the parks leads into another park and when we got to a fork in the road, Mom noticed this new sign. It's so cool that the forest preserves are educating the public about invasive plant species. Invasives cost the preserves thousands of dollars each year as they try to control their spread and even eradicate them. This sign reminds people to scrape their shoes off so seeds will not be distributed. Mom wiped her shoes off but I didn't need to wipe my paws off since I hadn't left my buggy.

I hated to leave the park because I was having such a great time. The leaves were falling into my buggy, tickling my nose as they settled at my feet. I loved being surrounded by them and asked Mom to leave them in my buggy.

I think the cooler temperatures are really agreeing with me and although I've been doing more sleeping this fall, I've also been doing more walking. I think I need to move where the temperature is in the low 70's year round. I don't know where that place is but I know it would be the best place for me.

This silly picture is how I sleep these days - with my tongue out. I don't know why I do it but sometimes it's out like it is in the picture and sometimes you can hardly see it. Do any of you sleep this way? Maybe I'm sticking it out so my taste buds can pick up food being made. Mom thinks I do it just to look cute. Awwww!

I miss all of you and will be stopping by your blogs this week. Even though this is a particularly busy week for Mom, she has agreed to turn the computer over to me. She needs a break from work and I need to catch up on things.