Sunday, November 14, 2010

Saying Goodbye To My Friend Betty

I could not believe the news Mom received tonight that my good friend Betty left us for the Rainbow Bridge. My heart is breaking as I remember Betty. Everyone that knew her knew that she was the best Frenchie ever. She opened up her heart to all and touched everyone she met. I'm finding it hard to express my feelings right now because I'm shocked and saddened over losing my friend.

I met Betty in person when I visited her on the Smushie Ranch in August. She welcomed me to the ranch and showed me around telling me that her home was my home. She was the best hostess and I loved spending time with her on the ranch. I will never forget my visit and I'll cherish it always.

Betty could almost always be found on the lap of her loving mom Shannon. Shannon took such good care of Betty, providing her with around the clock treatment in order to prevent Betty from having seizures.

Betty also welcomed others that wanted to share Shannon's lap like her foster brother Newman. Newman took to Betty right away and even thought she was his mother. That's just how Betty was. She nutured everyone because that was just her nature. Betty may have seemed rough and tough on the outside but she was a really softie inside.

Betty and her brother Gunther were the best of friends. I know that he is missing her as is her sister Stella. Their lives were forever changed when Betty arrived and they loved her from the start. I know they are missing her right now but they know like I know that Betty is now free from pain. With no more seizures to rule her life, Betty is now free to run and play on the Rainbow Bridge with all those that have gone before her.

I'm so saddened and I grieve with all the Smushies tonight. I know that Betty had a great life while she was on the Smushie Ranch but that time was all too short. In time my heart will heal and I know that I will see Betty again when it is my turn to go to the Bridge. Until that time I will remember her and know that she lived life to the max, living each day like it was her last.

Run free, Betty. Free from pain but never free from our hearts.