Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Winter!

It's wintertime and there's snow on the ground! I don't really like the snow and cold so I spend lots of time in the house.

So much has been happening here at Casa Stubby. I can't believe that 2010 is almost over already. It seems like just yesterday I was wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and toasting the new year.

This picture was taken yesterday on the ride home from the doctor. I'm continuing my laser therapy on my elbows. I must have the strongest elbows in the state! I'm on a maintenance plan with the laser therapy which means I only have the treatment every four weeks.

Mom was so busy this fall. I spent lots of time with her, helping her with this and that. Her work has slowed down for the time being so hopefully things will return to normal, whatever that is.

My angry disc decided it didn't want to be that angry anymore and life was really good. And then something happened at the beginning of November. I couldn't walk. I couldn't even stand. My head decided it wanted to bob up and down, and I was acting really weird. Mom took me to the doctor and the doctor said I had a mini-stroke. She put me on Prednisone and soon I felt a little better.

I felt okay for a little while but then started having panting attacks and acting really crazy. Back to the doctor I went and the news wasn't good. The doctor told Mom that I have a brain lesion/tumor. Mom was devastated. All my strange behavior is because I have a monster in my head that makes me crazy. It doesn't hurt but it hurts Mom and Dad because there's nothing they can do about it.

This is how I spend most of my days. The smell of food wakes the monster up so Mom and Dad can't really cook anymore. When the monster wakes up he makes my head spin and I pant and go crazy. Sometimes I pant for over three hours. The monster is relentless!

But there have been some bright days lately. My friend Joli came over a few weeks ago with her sled dog huskies. I couldn't play with the dogs but I watched them as they played in the snow in my backyard. Those guys love the snow and didn't even want to come in the house!

Last week my friend Karen (dw to some of you) from Writing Chances came over with a Christmas gift for me. We had a great visit and I was so glad to see her.

I've received so many Christmas cards from all my friends. I love sitting and looking at them, remembering the good times. I didn't send out cards this year. Maybe next year I will. Or maybe I'll send Valentine's Day cards again. I have to see how I feel in the next few weeks. I'm back on Prednisone again and just yesterday the doctor increased my dosage. It really helps me feel better and even allows me to walk a little.

Even though I haven't been blogging, I have been reading all your blogs. I love reading what you've been up to and I know all of you have been good this year. Santa Paws will definitely be visiting you on Christmas and I can't wait to see what he brings you!

We will be staying home for the holidays because I can't go anywhere. Mom and Dad won't leave me alone so someone is always home with me, usually Mom. I'm enjoying the holiday season and despite the monster in my head, I'm happy. I enjoy each and every day just like I always have and will continue to as long as I can.

I wish all of you a joyous holiday season! See you in 2011!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Saying Goodbye To My Friend Betty

I could not believe the news Mom received tonight that my good friend Betty left us for the Rainbow Bridge. My heart is breaking as I remember Betty. Everyone that knew her knew that she was the best Frenchie ever. She opened up her heart to all and touched everyone she met. I'm finding it hard to express my feelings right now because I'm shocked and saddened over losing my friend.

I met Betty in person when I visited her on the Smushie Ranch in August. She welcomed me to the ranch and showed me around telling me that her home was my home. She was the best hostess and I loved spending time with her on the ranch. I will never forget my visit and I'll cherish it always.

Betty could almost always be found on the lap of her loving mom Shannon. Shannon took such good care of Betty, providing her with around the clock treatment in order to prevent Betty from having seizures.

Betty also welcomed others that wanted to share Shannon's lap like her foster brother Newman. Newman took to Betty right away and even thought she was his mother. That's just how Betty was. She nutured everyone because that was just her nature. Betty may have seemed rough and tough on the outside but she was a really softie inside.

Betty and her brother Gunther were the best of friends. I know that he is missing her as is her sister Stella. Their lives were forever changed when Betty arrived and they loved her from the start. I know they are missing her right now but they know like I know that Betty is now free from pain. With no more seizures to rule her life, Betty is now free to run and play on the Rainbow Bridge with all those that have gone before her.

I'm so saddened and I grieve with all the Smushies tonight. I know that Betty had a great life while she was on the Smushie Ranch but that time was all too short. In time my heart will heal and I know that I will see Betty again when it is my turn to go to the Bridge. Until that time I will remember her and know that she lived life to the max, living each day like it was her last.

Run free, Betty. Free from pain but never free from our hearts.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Hi Friends!

My good friend Pearl always starts her blog posts by saying hi to all her friends so I thought I would borrow that from her today. Mom is taking a little break from working this afternoon so I asked if I could do a blog post to say hi and to tell you that I'm doing good. I have good days and bad days but lately I've been feeling really good and I think it's because I've been getting lots of sleep. Today I slept until 11:00 am because I was so sleepy! Mom thought I was sick but I just just all warm and snuggly under the blankets. Don't tell Mom but tomorrow I plan on sleeping until noon!

The photo above is of the sign that greets you as you arrive at our house. It's not that I need a reminder that it's autumn but I like to look at that sign everytime I walk by because it's a happy sign. I've been walking a lot these days, slowly, but a lot. I've also been reading all your blogs so I know what you guys have been up to and it looks like everyone is doing good. Yay! I haven't been doing much but when I do go out I have a great time.

Last month, Gen and The Foo called me up to see if I could meet them at the park for a playdate. I got Mom to drive me there and I had such a blast with my good friends. We were at a park I had never been to before and let me tell you there was so much to see and do. This park was huge and acorns littered the grass. It was like an acorn carpet! The squirrels were having a field day with all the acorns and they're sure to have lots tucked away for the winter.

We played at the park for quite some time while our moms talked about this and that. Thankfully, Gen and The Foo's mom brought treats because I was starving. She even posed for a picture with all of us. I had a great time with those guys and knew I would see them again soon.

My good friend Apollo came over last month with his mom and dad. I hadn't seen that guy since last year and we had lots of catching up to do. His pretty mom Jami sent me a big box full of foodables when my disc was angry and I gave her lots of kisses to thank her.

Mom and Dad made chili and soup for everyone but Apollo and I didn't get anything. We protested and went outside to look for bunny poop but the bunnies were MIA. Soon it was time for him to leave but I knew I would see Apollo again soon.

Do I look like Wilma in this picture? I thought so until Salinger's mom, who took this picture, told me I looked like a burrito. The official title of this photo is "Burrito boy" and I think that's a compliment. Let me just say it was freezing when we went to Indy earlier this month for the monthly pug meetup. Despite the cold weather and the rain I had tons of fun. I got to visit with my friends at the park, attend a football game, and then hang out at the home of the Pug Posse! Talk about an awesome day! Unfortunately, Mom didn't take any pictures because she was too busy holding me. I was shivering and anxious but I had a great time. Note to Mom: next time pack my sweater!

This is how I spend most of my days. I don't know why but my ear likes to stand at attention when I sleep. Mom thinks it's because I'm secretly listening to hear if any food is being made but really it's so I can hear when Mom leaves the room. I hate to be by myself so when Mom leaves the room so do I.

I also like to spend lots of time with the painting Aunt Nancy gave me when I visited her and her gang in Texas. The painting reminds me of my road trip and it calms me when I am anxious. I spend hours staring at it, sleeping in front of it, and wondering when the heck Mom is going to get around to hanging it up!

I've also been doing some home remodeling. Our guest bathroom needed updating so when Mom removed the shower curtain and placed it on the floor, I decided to use it as a bed. Notice the blinds from the guest room that was recently remodeled in the background. Sheesh! My peeps are keeping me on my toes!

It was absolutely beautiful last week so I talked Mom into working outside one day. I just couldn't get enough of the sunshine and fresh air. It worked its magic on me and soon I was sound asleep.

I've also been watching lots of football. Sometimes Mom's team isn't performing up to par so she puts the headphones on me so I can call in some plays. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I don't know why the quarterback doesn't listen to me!

Last weekend I visited the same park that I visited for Earth Day. Oh how beautiful it was! All the leaves were changing colors and falling to the ground. The animals were scurrying around and there were lots of people hiking. Unlike my Earth Day adventure when I was more mobile, this time I was in my buggy. I didn't really mind being in there because I got to take it all in from the comfort of the best seat in the park.

I hate it when my buggy stops because it makes me think the fun is over. Mom just stopped to take this picture and look how impatient I got!

One of the parks leads into another park and when we got to a fork in the road, Mom noticed this new sign. It's so cool that the forest preserves are educating the public about invasive plant species. Invasives cost the preserves thousands of dollars each year as they try to control their spread and even eradicate them. This sign reminds people to scrape their shoes off so seeds will not be distributed. Mom wiped her shoes off but I didn't need to wipe my paws off since I hadn't left my buggy.

I hated to leave the park because I was having such a great time. The leaves were falling into my buggy, tickling my nose as they settled at my feet. I loved being surrounded by them and asked Mom to leave them in my buggy.

I think the cooler temperatures are really agreeing with me and although I've been doing more sleeping this fall, I've also been doing more walking. I think I need to move where the temperature is in the low 70's year round. I don't know where that place is but I know it would be the best place for me.

This silly picture is how I sleep these days - with my tongue out. I don't know why I do it but sometimes it's out like it is in the picture and sometimes you can hardly see it. Do any of you sleep this way? Maybe I'm sticking it out so my taste buds can pick up food being made. Mom thinks I do it just to look cute. Awwww!

I miss all of you and will be stopping by your blogs this week. Even though this is a particularly busy week for Mom, she has agreed to turn the computer over to me. She needs a break from work and I need to catch up on things.

Friday, September 10, 2010

What I Have Learned and Now Know

I bet you guys have been wondering where I've been. I haven't posted anything in a week but please know that it's not my fault. Nope. I think you know who to blame but please go easy on her.

I've been doing a lot of thinking about things lately and one phrase keeps coming to mind - to every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. Are you guys familiar with this phrase? It basically means that there's a time and place for everything. And a time and a place for nothing. Confused yet?

Mom has been super busy since we got back from our road trip and she keeps getting busier every day. When she's busy I can't be busy because I need her to turn on the 'puter and help me blog. And if she doesn't even have time to hang out with me then she surely won't have time to help me blog. So I've decided to take a little blogging break.

I started my blog over two years ago and I've had such a blast with it. I've made some great friends over the years and I love each and every one of you like family. I've been so fortunate to meet a lot of you in pugson and for this I'm forever grateful. I keep all of you in a special place in my heart and feel your love every day.

I don't know how long my break will last but I will try to read your blogs as much as I can. I may not always be able to leave a comment on your blog but please know that I'm keeping up with you and what you're doing.

I promise I'll be back and probably before long. I know you'll miss me and I'll miss you, too. Please know that I'm okay and that I'll be back soon. I wrap my paws around you and hug you all!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Road Trip Booty

One of the best parts about my road trip was all the booty I got from all the pugs and people I visited. I mean, just look at all of it! I didn't expect any of it but I love it all.

Aunt Nancy wanted to make sure everyone I met knew who I was so she made me a cool name tag. She even bought me a snazzy tie/sash to wear around my neck. Mom said I looked dashing wearing it but I think it made my head look fat.

Howie bought me some delicious refrigerated treats. It's a good thing we had the cooler with us because as soon I as gave Howie his treats I threw these in. I didn't want them to spoil in the Texas heat.

Do you know who's picture that is on the cover of my very special photo album? Of course it's Howie! He insisted that his maw put his picture in it so I would know who gave it to me. Silly Howie!

Isn't this the neatest photo album ever? I'm going to have Mom print out pics of me with my friends and put them in it.

AnnieBelly bought me this neat ball toy. I've never seen one like it before and am saving it for a special occasion like a holiday. Hey, maybe I'll play with it on Monday to celebrate Labor Day.

Java knew that I'd be hungry on the road and surprised me with these goodies. Yummy!

I know you've seen these donuts before but they are very special to me. I primarily used them as pillows in the car but since I've been home I've been playing with them. Melissa made these for me to remind me of my visit with her and Emmitt.

Pearly Poo would never show up at anything empty handed now would she? No way! She totally surprised me with this racy little box. I knew there were treats in it but Mom said I needed to wait until we got home to dig into them.

Pearly's gift was not only cool but also appropriate since we dined on burgers at a restaurant on a lake. She's one smart puggy!

Can you believe that Aunt Nancy painted this for me? Well not just for me but for Mom and Dad, too. Isn't it beautiful? And the frame is just perfect. We are still deciding where to hang it but I think it's going to end up on the first wall you see as you enter the house from the garage. This wall is also close to my bowls so I will see it every single day.

Here's a close up of the painting. Aunt Nancy said she painted to it remind me of my road trip. She knew we drove past many fields and meadows that looked just like this. Everytime I look at this painting I will think of Aunt Nancy and my road trip.

Thank you again to my friends for showering me with such wonderful gifts. I really appreciate all the love you've shown me over the years and I'm so grateful I got to meet some of you in pugson.

As for the rest of my friends that I haven't met, I'm already thinking about taking another road trip so you never know where I might go!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wordless Wednesday (sort of)

States visited: 12
Miles traveled:

Memories made: too many to count
Stubby's 2010 road trip: priceless

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Last Legs Of My Road Trip

I knew we had to go through Oklahoma on the way home from Texas so I contacted my good friend Pearl and invited her to lunch. Pearl lives in Oklahoma City and I just knew she would be up for a midday snack. I was so happy when she accepted my invitation and told Mom to put the pedal to the metal because Pearly and I were getting hungry!

Pearl's pretty momma Kelly found a great restaurant with outdoor seating that was dog friendly. After being in so many pug friendly cities I figured all restaurants allowed dogs but this is not the case. Kelly told Mom that Oklahoma City is not as dog friendly as most cities but that they're slowing getting with the program. I didn't care where we had lunch as long as Pearl and I could get some food. Menus please!

Look at Pearl and her momma! Aren't they just the cutest things ever? I felt like I already knew Pearl since we've been blogging friends for so long. I know that Pearl has a reputation for acting a little how do I say this, not so ladylike, but she was a perfect little lady at our lunch.

Pearl was so excited to meet me that she never stopped moving. I couldn't really keep up with her so I just played it cool and sat there like the gentleman that I am. Mom ordered her usual boring food while Dad ordered me something really special.

Fried pickles! OMD! These things were delicious. I couldn't get enough of them and wanted to get an order to go. Apparently everything is fried down in Oklahoma and that's right up my alley. Yippee!

Nom, nom, nom!

Mom took so many pictures of Pearl and her momma. Look how cute they are with the lighthouse in the background. That Pearl sure isn't camera shy! Work it Pearly!

Our lunch was over way too soon. Kelly had to get back to work and Pearl had to get back to her nap. I wish you could hear what Pearl was saying or should I say screaming to me in this picture - "Y'all come back now, y'hear?" I just love that Pearl!

One last picture before we said goodbye to Pearl, Kelly, and Oklahoma - sigh. I didn't want to leave but we were on a tight time schedule. Thanks again to Pearl and Kelly for a great lunch date. We were so glad we got to meet you guys and can't wait to get together again.

We couldn't drive all the way back home on Friday after lunching with Pearl so we stopped in Springfield, Missouri to get some rest. Dad got us a suite and boy was it sweet! I loved having rooms to cruise around in and a nice comfy bed to rest my tired body on. All that visiting wears a pug out!

I sure didn't want to get up and leave Missouri on Saturday morning but Mom convinced me to move my body. And I did - slowly.

Because my road trip was almost over. This would be my last morning in a hotel and I wanted to savour each and every moment. As I was laying there half asleep, I reflected on the past two weeks with awe. I met friends I felt I already knew, met many new friends, visited so many new places, and ate so many delicious foodables.

I got to do things I'd never dreamt I'd do like see the Golden Gate Bridge. I had such an awesome two weeks on the road that I didn't want it to end. Ever.

As our car flew up Interstate 55 in Illinois, I promised myself that I would do this again. I would take another road trip and visit more friends. Friends who live here and there, in warm places and cold, in houses and apartments. Oh yes my friends. I will do it again but the last leg of my road trip called and it was the one I looked forward to the most.

The one that would take me to that special place that Dorothy talked about. She recognized it and so did I. I knew I would be there soon because there's no place like home.