Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday Wag Out!

Solar Clip Lite

You guys know that Mom loves everything solar (harness the sun's power and all that), so when I found this light for her I knew she'd have to have it. Mom is leaving for her yearly turtle trip in nine days so she is going to order this cool light tomorrow. For those of you who don't know, Mom does not have electricity in her cabin when she is turtling. No electricity means no lights, but worse than that, no air conditioning! I'm sure glad I don't have to go turtling because I wouldn't last one hour without my ac.

The solar clip lite clips onto a baseball hat or visor. Mom takes both turtling because the sun is very powerful down south. The lite will run for 12 hours from a full battery charge and each hour of sun charging provides an hour of light. This is math even Mom could do. Even if you're not going turtling, this handy light is great for those perfect summer nights when you just want to stay out all night on the patio and read. I hope Mom doesn't get one for me because then I will need to wear a hat. Head on over to to get your own solar clip lite (hat and/or visor not included).

Gardening Gloves

Don't tell Mom but she still has TONS of gardening to do. The yard is a mess and after she gets these gloves, there will be no excuses for not making everything pretty.

When I found these gloves the other day, I thought to myself, finally someone thought to make something other than clothes out of plastic bottles. These cool gloves from are just the latest item to turn plastic bottles into something truly useful. According to their website, the bottles are gathered, sorted by color, crushed, and baled. They then get shipped to a facility (hopefully close by) to be ground into 1/8" shards. The shards get cleaned and then melted to form PET pellets, that are then melted and spun into a fine yard that is blended with poly. Viola! Plastic bottle gloves! These would make a great gift and I would get them for Dad for Father's Day, but he doesn't garden.

Floating Solar Lights

These solar lights aren't like anything I have ever seen before. They float, like in a pond or a pool. We don't have either of those two things, but Mom still wants these lights. Unfortunately for her, Dad is not going to build either a pond or a pool, but these lights have a hoop so Mom can hang them from the fence posts or tree branches.

The lights contains a NiCad battery and solar panel, so once again, you will be harnessing the sun's power to light up your night. Maybe Mom will take these turtling and then she will look like a real dork with her solar clip lite and hanging solar lights. If you're looking to brighten up your nights, checkout these solar lights at


Kelly said...

Great finds as always, Stubby! I'm with you... maybe if I get Momma those gloves she will get off her duff and do some gardening!!!! She has a million excuses, I tell you!

Stubby said...

Pearly Poo - My mom has a million excuses too! Maybe it's a mommy thing. I don't think the gloves are going to motivate her, but me kicking her butt into gear may help.

Stubby xoxo