Sunday, August 23, 2009

Big Houseguest!

Our big houseguest arrived yesterday morning. I'm not talking big as in famous, like a movie star. No, I'm taking big as in size. Think big like a horse. But not a horse, thankfully, but a dog. A big dog named Rudy!
Rudy is one of my best pals. I've known him since his parents rescued him about 8 years ago. Rudy is a mastiff and when he first came to live with our neighbors the Franzens, he was really skinny. He had been abused, was skittish, and very afraid. His new dad Carl, took him under his wing and trained him to perfection.

Rudy is going to be 10 next month, so he's an old guy like me. He has problems getting up after he's been lying down, so Dad has to help him get on his feet. He also has problems on our kitchen floor, so Mom put runners and rugs on the floor.

Rudy has been hanging out in the family room, where it's carpeted, but that's also where my stuffies are. Which one did Rudy grab first? Pendleton! What is it about that guy that everyone loves?

Rudy just can't get enough of Pendleton and for now Pendleton is still in one piece. I'm not sure if Pendleton will survive the week, but if I see him getting destroyed I will have Mom put him away.

Just look at Pendleton's face! Pure terror I tell you. I felt sorry for him, but what could I do? I didn't want to be the one to take Pendleton away from Rudy because I don't think he would listen to me. Rudy is very mellow and is definitely a lover, not a fighter, but I didn't want to take my chances.

Rudy wouldn't eat because he was nervous so when Mom talked to his mom this morning, she said to pour some bacon grease on his food and then he would eat. Bacon grease? Yippee! Dad is going to make bacon. Here I am in the kitchen supervising the bacon making. I didn't want anything to happen to my favorite food in the whole world. Dad and I had BLT's while Rudy ate his food.

Mom and Dad are not use to having a big dog in the house and Rudy gets into everything. He's very nosey like me as you can see. I think he was eyeing tonight's dinner in the refrigerator. Too bad there's not enough steak for Rudy because I think he would love it.

Rudy wanted to help make the BLT's but Dad didn't really need any help. My dad knows BLT's like the back of his hand and needs no help.

After we ate it was time for a nap. Rudy found a nice cool place in front of the patio doors. He is still sleeping there because I think he likes the nice cool breezes coming into the house. It's a nice cool 73 degrees - perfect pug weather.

I mostly sleep on the sofa next to Mom, but Mom decided I needed to sleep by myself. Whatever. She decided that she would take lots of pictures while we slept today. Who does that sound like? I feel like my good buddy Salinger. Can't a pug just take a nap without being bothered by a crazy woman snapping pictures? Sheesh.

I thought you might like a close-up of me sleeping. I'm dreaming about dinner and ignoring the photographer. Check out my cool white eyelashes. Chicks dig them.

Rudy is going for a walk in a little while when Dad and I eat our steaks. Rudy gets a walk every night and if he doesn't go on his specific route he gets grumpy. Have a good time Rudy, the steak is calling my name.


Sandra y Coco said...

Hi Stubby!! How cool to have a guest! Rudy looks like a giant pug! I like your eyelashes, I don't have any now but if I had I would like them to be white too. I forgot to tell you to please tell your mom that my mom says thank you for offering help on her writing. she was a little scared and overwhelmed the first couple of weeks of class because her classmates looked like they were more advanced plus the internet un-access made it harder but now she feels more confident - remember english is her second language! - and she got a very good review from the prof this week. She will ask your mom if she needs help though!
Have a nice week!

Salinger The Pug said...

Hey dude! Rudy looks like a LOT of fun and I'm glad you get to hang with your buddy!

Poor Pendleton! If you need a will be glad to send you one, so don't worry!

Mom got all squealy at the pics of you sleeping. You'd think she doesn't have enough "cute" around here to keep her happy!!!

Enjoy the rest of your visit (and BACON!)


Stubby said...

Hi Coco! Mom says that Rudy is such a handful. She says she would rather have a hundred pugs in the house and I said okay!

Congrats to your mom for getting a good review from her prof. Mom says that writing is a process and that it takes time. She really doesn't think it comes naturally for anyone and that everyone has to work at it. Most of her students are second language learners so tell your mom not to hesitate to contact my mom if she needs anything.

Stubby xoxo

Stubby said...

Salinger dude - how quickly can you get up here? I need help with Rudy and I feel like I'm out numbered.

Pendleton is still safe because Rudy is letting him rest. That's really sweet of your mom to offer to send me another one, but I'm hoping I won't need to take her up on her offer.

Your mom definitely has enough cute to keep her happy but a little variety never hurt anyone. Gotta love those moms!

Stubby xoxo

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi stubby!
oh rudy is so wonderful! mastiffs are giant puggies!
how fun is that? i love the photos of you. i just want to squeeze you! what a cutie patootie!
have fun with your friend today!
m & e

Pearl said...

Hi Stubby! Rudy looks like a pretty cool guy! You guys are such perfect pet-sitters. If my momma ever abandons me for a trip or something (and she most certainly will), I'm gunna come stay with you! OK?! Umm... I require bacon grease on my food too.... ;)


Stubby said...

Hi Melissa & Emmitt! Rudy is a fun guy to have around and now that he has overcome his nervousness, he's just chillaxing.

I have been called a cutie patootie in a long time, so thanks for the sweet compliment.

Stubby xoxo

Stubby said...

Hi Pearly Poo! You can stay here anytime! We would love to have you. We have never had another pug stay with us, but I know we would have a blast.

Thanks for the heads up on the bacon grease. I love any excuse for Dad to fry up bacon, except for today because it's Monday - ugh!

Thanks for the compliment on my eyelashes. I don't really notice them all that much, but Mom says they make me look sophisticated.

Stubby xoxo

dw said...

Mmmm bacon grease is such a wonderful idea! I do think a can of worms has been opened now, or that Pandora's box, something that you just can't get closed again! Seems as if you and a lot of your puggie blogger friends like that idea too! Rudy is a cute big dog. I like big dogs only I live in a condo so they wouldn't do very well. All big dogs I know seem to want to be lap dogs! Heeeee, that's the puggie's job! Looks like you're having a good time with your houseguest!

Stubby said...

Hi dw! All puggies like bacon grease and everyone I know likes it except Mom.

I'm having a good time hanging out with Rudy. Luckily, he does not think he is a lap dog because there's only room for one lap dog in this house.

Stubby xoxo

Pearl said...

dearest Stubby,
thanks for being understanding of all my other boyfriends. Mom says I can love all my boyfriends since I have so much love to give!!


THE PUGLET said...

OH MY! I thought brother Dutch was big. Rudy is huuuuuge. Does he fit in your human's Mini car?