Friday, February 26, 2010

Bottled Water PSA

I'm posting this cool graphic from Online Education because the bottled water situation is not getting any better. Mom sees people carrying bottled water at the college and buying bottled water at the store all the time and it makes her crazy. Are people unaware of what bottled water does to the environment or don't they have access to drinkable water at home? Or is bottled water the ultimate convenience? Let's face it, it's really not convenient, at least not for the environment. Everyone in our county has access to drinkable water either via a municipal water supply or well. I think the problem is that most people just don't have a clue about the effects of bottled water on the environment.

This graphic doesn't need any explaination so just read it, learn from it and pass on what you've learned. Information is power so use your powers wisely.

The Facts About Bottled Water


dw said...

Okay, this is bad, I know, but I bought a case of bottled water.....last May. When I'm going on a long trip, especially when I'm driving to Florida, I always carry a case of water with me. Normally, what I do is reuse a bottle, filling it with tap water, until it is too scuzzy to use anymore -- then i recycle it. I still have over half the case left from last year. Btw, I also have a couple of hard plastic bottles (one from REI and one from Starbucks) and a stainless steel bottle that I use. :)


Wow Stubby,

Now that was an eye opener! And very interesting. Who knew?

Thanks Stubby, I'll rethink bottle water for now on.

Riley and Star.

THE PUGLET said...

Hey Stubbs!

My human does the refill/recycle when scuzzy thing too. She uses a special pitcher thingy to fill up a bunch of bottles then keeps them in the fridge - just like the kind you buy at the store.

She tried using the non-plastic bottles you buy at the store but would always lose them.

Stella, Gunther and Betty said...

Ya know Stubby, that is something the parents have been bad about. But they're gettin' better about it. Dad carries one of them metal bottles to work know and mom refills glasses more.

Stella, Gunther and Betty

Sequoia & Petunia said...

Stubby we thinks thisis very important too! Mom loves her safe plastic and stainless steel bottles. We thank you for sharing this with everyones.

Winston (smilingpug) said...

We don't drinks bottled water, we drinks good old tap water from a glass or bowl. A lots of bottled water out there is not really spring water and who wants to drink plastic tasting water anyways. I personally prefer a muddy puddle!


Stubby said...

Hi dw! Mom had to laugh at the 'scuzzy' comment. She hasn't heard anyone use this word in a long time!

There are other options beside buying a case of bottled water for a road trip like filling up reusable bottles with tap water and filling up a cooler with ice.

I'm glad you're recycling the bottles after they've worn out their welcome but not buying the water in the first place is the best solution. I'll try to think of other creative ways to deal with road trip water issues.

Please keep the case of water out of direction sunlight because the light will break down the plastic causing it to leach into the water - yuk!

I'm so glad to hear that you use reusable bottles most of the time. Mom tells me they sell them everywhere now and that they're very inexpensive.

Stubby xoxo

Stubby said...

Hi Riley & Star! So glad you stopped by because bottled water is a serious issue. I'm glad you learned some new facts and that you're rethinking the use of bottled water.

Stubby xoxo

Stubby said...

Hi Puglet! That special pitcher thingy sounds cool. Great thinking!

Why was your human always losing the reusable bottles? There are so many options out there now and they even have ones with carabiners that clip to your clothes and bags. Have her check out the bottles at

Stubby xoxo

Stubby said...

Hi Stella, Gunther & Betty! I'm so glad your parents are getting better about using reusable water bottles. At first it may seem like a hassle (similar to using reusable bags at the store) but after awhile it becomes second nature. Keep on them about this issue!

Stubby xoxo

Stubby said...

Hi Sequoia & Tuni! I'm so glad to hear that your mom uses reusable water bottles - yeah! They are the way to go and they pay for themselves in no time. Please thank her for doing her part to help the environment.

Stubby xoxo

Stubby said...

Hi Winston! You are so smart! Good old tap water is the best water available. You are so right that most bottled water is not really spring water. And plastic tasting water? Yuk! I'm with you and would rather drink from a puddle.

Stubby xoxo

Pee-s: I received my Olympic postcard yesterday! Thank you for sending it to me. I love it!

Dana Orsborn said...

Hi Stubby!

This is a great post!
It is true that a lot of people still use water
bottles no matter what they are told the
impact will be.

Penny and I bought one of those water
canisters with the pop up straw,
instead of using water bottles.
We love it!

Hope you are having a great weekend!

-Dana & Penny

Hank said...

Stubman....good info there. Me an' O'Mally drink tap water an' we're just fine with it. But my mom took a drink outta the bathroom faucet the other day an' she said it tasted "bleachy". (An' no, it wuzn't 'cause she'd just cleaned.)

Whut are yer thoughts on that?

Stubby said...

Hi Dana & Penny! I'm so glad to hear you bought a reusable bottle. By using it, you are not only helping the environment but also sending a message that you care about the planet. Keep up the good work!

Stubby xoxo

Stubby said...

Hi Hank! Of course you and O'Mally drink tap water because you're pugs! We are low maintenance creatures.

Tell your Mom to report the bleachy taste to your water department. They may have been doing something to the water filtration process.

Stubby xoxo

Anonymous said...

We do occasionally buy bottled water. Mostly if we are out and it's for the dogs. my husband has thing where if he won't drink the water, then never will Gus and Indy and I do agree. However, every bottle we get, ends up in a recyling bin. I make sure of it.
Mostly we just get the big water refills at home though and use our own water containers.

Stubby said...

Hi Lex! That's very interesting that you buy water when you're out. It's great that you recycle the bottles but it would be even better to just bring water from home. It's much less expensive and is environmentally friendly.

Stubby xoxo