Friday, June 4, 2010


I received this disturbing notice in the mail a couple of weeks ago. I have told the mailman a million times that Stubby Block doesn't live here unless he's delivering a card/package/gift from my friends. A notice from the vet is definitely not welcome and will not be accepted! Unfortunately, Mom is the one who accepted the notice from the mailman and upon receiving it rushed in the house to show me. Ugh!

Mom has decided to take me for my exam/semi-annual consultation (read: $$$) on Monday because she is leaving for her turtle trip on Wednesday. Huh? Monday is June 7th and I'm not scheduled until June 16th. What gives? Well, she thinks I have cooties. Do I look like I have cooties? It may look like I have some cooties on my chin but that's just scrambly eggs. I always save a little breakfast eggs for a mid morning snack.

Mom thinks I have cooties on my ears because my hair is falling out right on the edge of them. This has happened in the past and magically stopped happening, thus no ear cooties.

This cootie on my head has been there for about a year. I don't think it's a cootie but simply a kissing spot. Mom always kisses me on my head and - hey wait! Maybe she gave me this cootie! Ewwww!

This arm cootie is new. Mom noticed it earlier this year but thinks it has gotten bigger. Again, I don't think this is a cootie but another turkey-popper-thingy like the one I have on my thigh. My Aunt Laura (Salinger's mom) came up with the turkey-popper-thingy and it just stuck (no pun intended). She said it looks like the thingy that pops out of the turkey when it's done cooking. I love turkey and maybe I got this cootie from eating too much of it.

So while I was trying to take my mid morning nap, Mom called the vet and got me an appointment for Monday afternoon. Great. Right after lunch is when I take my first afternoon nap. Now my whole day is going to be thrown off by a visit with Dr. Chung. Nice. I sure hope she's happy with me when I get on the scale because I'm skinny. Maybe too skinny? Not for Dr. Chung!


Adventures of two Indianapolis Girls said...

Glad you're getting a checkup.'re to precious to risk your health!

Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

Hellos Stubby, Tuni here! I just had my half yearly exam this past Saturdays. Don't worry if you have a few cooties that's why they call us 'old cooters' hehehe!!!

Anyways I wanted to asks about the ear hair fallen outs. Mom was petty my velvet ears and hair junks were faliing out around the edge of my ear. So much hair. Did you ever find out why it falls out? Mom just thought I was old. Good luck Mondays!


dw said...

Aww, Stubby, what a way to start the week! I sure hope it isn't cooties and that the doc gives you a clean bill of health! Have I mentioned how awesome it is that you get scrambled eggs for breakfast? :)

Salinger The Pug said...

Stubby...we hope ALL of your cooties are just harmless cooties because they make you the handsome dude that you are!

Have mom give your turkey popper thingy an extra kiss from us ok?

Mom LOL'd at that first pic of you after that postcard came in the mail because you look SOOO disgusted with the whole thing! HAHAHAHAAA!

Your head cootie pic looks oddly like a similar pic that Harry Pugalicious' Mom posted last week. Hmmmm.


Those Elgin Pugs said...

hee hee!!
Oh's My poor Stubbys!!

I wish I's could be there holding your little paw right now!!

If you have 'da cooties...Uh Oh's...
'Dat means I have 'da cooties too's?

What will my Mommy say Stubby??


THE PUGLET said...

Hey stubbs!

Hmmm. That's a lot of cooties. I'm sure they're all peaceful, happy cooties - but it's good that your human is having the vet confirm my diagnosis.

PS: I have like six of those turkey poppers on my belly.

Anonymous said...
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Tweedles -- that's me said...

Hi Stubby
When you go to the doctors, do you want to take Mr Lion to hold your paw?
I think the cooties are friendly cooties that came out of hiding because they are hungrys.
secret-sometimes my hair falls off the edges of my ears,,, but worse yet- parts of me are naked.
I will sneak into your pocket and go to the dr with you

Stubby said...

Hi Maggie Pug Girl! Thanks for stopping by my bloggie. I love making new friends!

I'm sure the doctor will say that all my cooties are nothing more than old age. It's hard getting old, you know?

Stubby xoxo

Stubby said...

Hi Tuni! That's so funny about the old cooters and the cooties. Maybe getting cooties is like when humans get gray hairs - it makes us look distinguished.

You're not even that old and you get half yearly exams? Sheesh! Doesn't the doctor know you are too old for that nonsense?

Mom never did find out anything about the hair on my ears falling out. I agree that it's because we're old but then again it could be ear cooties. I'll have Mom ask again on Monday and let you know what the doctor says.

Stubby xoxo

Stubby said...

Hi dw! I'll get more than scrambly eggs on Monday because of the vet visit. I always thought eating eggs would keep the cooties away but maybe I'm not eating enough eggs. Hmmmm. Will you make me some scrambly eggs when I visit you?

Stubby xoxo

Stubby said...

Hi Salinger! Mom gave my turkey popper thingy lots of kisses from you. Maybe it will make it shrink up and go away.

Mom said my head cootie looked just like what Harry's mom posted last week but it's not. The cootie is on the top of my cute head not on my privates!

Stubby xoxo

Stubby said...

Hi Josie Girl! I don't have cooties! Sheesh! This is how rumors get started. Soon no pug will want to be around me because they'll be afraid of catching whatever it is I don't have.

These non-cooties are not even contagious. If they were, the poodles would be cootie filled!

Stubby xoxo

Stubby said...

Hi Puglet! I knew you were a doctor! These non-cootie thingys are probably just nothing. Dr. Chung is way more concerned about my weight than about some dumb old non-cooties anyway. She'll probably just glance over them and them tell me how fat I am.

I can't believe you have 6 turkey poppers on your belly. What gives? Where did they come from and what do you use them for?

Stubby xoxo

Stubby said...

Hi Tweedles! That's so sweet of you to offer to go to the doctor with me and to let me hold Mr. Lion's paw. You are the best friend any pug could ever ask for!

I won't be scared on Monday because I think the non-cooties are just hungry too. I mean, who doesn't get hungry and start looking for food?

I can't believe the hair on your ears falls out. You're so young! And parts of you are naked? That's only because you bare your soul for all the world to see. You don't need hair little Tweedles because you are so special.

Stubby xoxo

Wilma said...

Hi Stubby,
Oh I hate those darn reminder notices too.I think we see the vet enough times a year, why go back for another trip?. I never had a problem with unfurry ears, I wonderwhat it means? I sure hope those cooties are harmless. I'm sure you will let us know.

Apollo said...

Sorry to hear about having to go to the vet, Stubby. I hope the hair falling out isn't ringworm. I had a feline sister that had that. Maybe the cooties are just warts or zits. Good luck! Let us know how it went.

Anonymous said...

Haha I hope your mom didn't give you cooties.. ewww!!

Gus needs to go to the vet too, fun fun :p

Kelly said...

Stubby love,
It is Monday afternoon, so you are probably at the vettie right NOW!

I hope it goes smoothly. You are too sweet to have any cooties or anything like that. I bet they will get you ALL fixed up!

You keep us posted, ok? I will be waiting to hear how it went...