Monday, September 22, 2008

Measure Your Eco-Footprint

I know what you're thinking - not another tool to measure my carbon footprint. I know everyone has completed one of these quizzes before, but even if you have, please take this quiz. In addition to measuring your impact, you can pick up tips on ways to reduce your impact. Let me give you an example to get you interested.

Question 4 asks you what you do when you shop. You make think that you only have two choices: bring my own bags to the store - check yes or no. Oh no, no, no. There are, hold onto your Sigg bottle, 15 items you can check. I bet no one can guess what these 15 are, which is why you should take the quiz. It will open your eyes to new ways to reduce your carbon footprint. There is room for improvement in all of us, so get started on the quiz at

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