Thursday, September 4, 2008

Purple Leg Warmers?

Mom took me to the doctor yesterday for my annual physical. The doctor checked me out and told mom that she would like to draw my blood so that she could run some tests. Draw some blood? No, my blood is fine, leave it in me. I tried to protest but to no avail.

The doctor took me in the back and stuck a needle in each arm - ouch! I took it like a man, but I told her that I wasn't very happy about it. And then the most embarrassing thing happened. The doctor was worried about my blood clotting (which would not have been a problem if she had just left it in me), so she wrapped these funky purple bandages around my arms. Luckily there wasn't a mirror around or I would have ripped them off. To make matters worse, when she took me back to mom, she told mom that the bandanges were purple leg warmers. Talk about adding insult to injury. I am not a product of the bad fashion 80's, but now I looked like I walked right out of Flashdance.

We left the examination room and there were two cocker spaniels that were could not stop laughing once they saw me. Take me home now, I barked at mom. Mom started to feel bad for me so she drove me right home. She promised to take the bandages off as soon as we got home, but of course she had to take a picture of me in all my glory. Thanks mom. Next time dad is taking me to the doctor.

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