Saturday, September 6, 2008

Time For A Bike Ride!

Just a week ago my bike trailer arrived. I was very hesitant about gettting in it (see my post from last Saturday), but mom and dad worked patiently with me so I could get used to it. After a week of practice runs in the family room, today was my test ride.

Dad hooked the trailer up to moms bike. Kinda cute, huh? That's me in the trailer on the front lawn. As you can see, I am pretty excited about being the trailer. I jumped right in (kind of) and off we went.

Mom, with me in tow, and dad rode around the block. Dad thought it would be best to go for a short ride for my first ride. We started off a little slow because mom was not used to having a passenger and we rode on the sidewalk to keep us safe. As we turned the corner at the end of our block, we started riding in the street. After pedaling a few feet, we saw our good buddy Bob. Bob was at his neighbor's house at a garage sale. Mom and dad pulled over, and let me out of the trailer.

Once I was out of the trailer, I didn't want to get back in it. I like the trailer, but I love the freedom of cruising on my own four feet. Bob gave me some pets and then dad put me back in the trailer. We were off again, riding like the wind.

The jury is still out on the bike trailer. I liked riding in it, but I am not sure that it is my preferred mode of transportation. I like being out and about with mom and dad instead being cooped up in the house. Mom mentioned that she is going to take me for a ride everyday until the snow arrives. What? Is she crazy? I may just have to feign an illness to get out of riding in my trailer. Or maybe dad will save me from the madness that is my mom.

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