Monday, November 10, 2008

11 Year Old's Last Wish

Mom and I were eating lunch today when a story came on the news about a little boy in Lynnwood, Washington that has leukemia. This story touched mom so much that she asked me to share with it everyone.

Doctors gave 11-year-old Brenden Foster two weeks to live because he cannot have anymore chemo or transfusions. Those two weeks were up last Wednesday, but last Friday, he shared his last wish - to feed the homeless. This little boy, whose life should just be beginning, who knows that he is going to die any day now, is so selfless. He feels the need to do something for someone else, despite the fact that nothing can be done for him.

As Brenden was coming back from an appointment, his mother drove past a homeless camp. He thought that there must be something he could do for them, but he cannot feed them himself since he has been bedridden since last December. To fulfill his wish, a group planned to feed the homeless in his honor.

Brenden has one more wish for the afterlife: become an angel who accomplishes even more in heaven than he did on Earth.

You must watch the video of Brenden. He is truly a special little boy. I know that God has other plans for him, bigger things for him to accomplish in Heaven. Brenden is already an angel and an inspiration to everyone who meets him or watches the video of him. Everything happens for a reason, even if we don't know what the reason is. Please learn from Brenden to live each day with joy, for each day is a gift that you are not guaranteed.

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