Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wednesday Wag Out!

President Obama!

How great does that sound? Mom bought this Obama bobblehead for dad yesterday. Was she so sure that Obama was going to win or did she just like the message Obama has to say? When this 6-inch plastic bobblehead nods it says "Yes, we can!" Not only is this the message of our new president, but it is also the message of hope. After this historic election, let no one say that they cannot do something. Obama has shown that anything is possible. Mom is going to nod Obama's head and make dad listen to the message every time dad does not think that something can be done. Dad will say "We can't go on vacation." and Obama will nod his head and say "Yes, we can!" Dad cannot argue with Obama so mom is sure to win her way from now on. Get your bobblehead and get your way at

Flipper Toothbrush Holder

Mom loves these things. I don't know why a grown-up needs a toothbrush holder but mom tells me that just because she isn't a child doesn't mean that she can't have things meant for children.
The Flipper comes in 28 different styles. As you can see, mom likes the dog Flippers, but do you see a problem with them? There's no pug! How could they? Pugs are very popular dogs.
Okay, I am over it now. The Flipper has a suction cup on the back of it that sticks to your bathroom mirror or tile. Open the Flipper down the middle, stick your toothbrush in, and watch the Flipper automatically close on its own. The best thing about the Flipper is that it protects your toothbrush from bacteria. Get your non-pug Flipper at

Bubble Scrubber

Mom doesn't wash as many dishes as she used to because we have a dishwasher, but some items must be hand washed. Instead of using a boring old sponge to wash dishes, why not using something fun? The Bubble Scrubber is a dishwashing brush with a bubble wand cleverly hidden right inside the bristles. You can blow bubbles while you wash your dishes! I used to love bubbles when I was young. Mom would take me in the backyard, blow bubbles in my face and I would bite them. I would also chase the bubbles around the yard. Once mom gets her Bubble Scrubber I am sure she will blow bubbles all around the kitchen. Get your Bubble Scrubber so you can have your own bubble party at

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