Sunday, November 16, 2008

Wesley the Owl

You guys all know what a crazy bird person mom is. She is always looking for birds, whether she is driving down the street (she saw 3 swans in the pond on her way to work last week) or taking me for a walk (there was a small flock of sandhill cranes calling today), she always has her eyes peeled to the sky and trees, and her ears expertly tuned to the sound of birds.

When she saw this book last week, she knew that she had to read it. Wesley the Owl, is the heartwarming story of an barn owl and the woman whom he would come to know as mom. Stacey O'Brien is a biologist who adopts Wesley when he is four days old. Four days old? I was 10 weeks old when mom and dad adopted me. I was still with my biological mom, brothers, and sisters when I was four days old. I couldn't imagine being orphaned at that age

Stacey raises Wesley and they remained companions until Wesley's death at 19. Stacey teaches Wesley everything and as she says "He was my teacher, my companion, my child, my playmate, my reminder of God." This great story of a woman's love for an owl will touch everyones heart, and even though it is a memoir, it has great information about owl biology.

Mom is loving this book and recommends it to everyone, even non birders. Wesley will make you scan the sky for owls every time you take your pug for a walk.

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