Monday, February 16, 2009

The Meatrix

Mom hates factory farming and is trying to spread the word about why they are bad for the you and the environment. She is this close to becoming a vegan and she would be if it weren't for Dad. She came across this online film "The Meatrix" the other day and wants to share it with you. I liked the film, but I didn't have it in me to watch the sequels. Mom loved all the films and can't wait for another sequel.

"The Meatrix" is an online film that spoofs "The Matrix" films while educating people about the problems with factory farming. The film is really cute and features three superhero farm animals. Hey, why weren't there any pugs in the film? They could have had a super handsome pug named Stubby who, umm, does what? What would Stubby the superhero do? I'll get back to you on that.

Leo the pig gets pulled from the supposedly friendly family farm to go on a journey because he is the one. He is lead on the journey by Moopheus the cow. They visit a factory farm and thus begins their crusade to end factory farming. Chickity the chicken, joins them in the sequels as they meet up with the agri-business bad guys.

In addition to the films, there is also a 360 interactive farm scene. As you move around the farm, your cursor highlights different things on the farm. Click on something that is highlighted and you open a new browser window on where all the information you need to know about a part of the factory farm is right there in black and white. All of this information is very eye-opening and needs to be known.

Please check out the film and the 360 interactive farm scene. We must do all we can to stop factory farming because it is ruining the environment and our bodies. I love the environment and I only have one body, so take action and do your part.

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