Monday, February 2, 2009

Puppy Bowl V

In between my pre-game nap and the start of the Super Bowl, I watched Puppy Bowl V. I must admit that I was glued to the tv screen watching all the action. I couldn't get enough of it - all those puppies scoring touchdowns, getting penalties, causing fumbles, getting kicked off the field - I loved it all.

It all started with the National Anthem which was sung by Pepper the Parrot. This guy can really sing - I was very impressed. The kitty half-time show had me rolling around on the ground. Those guys were out of control. You guys know I love kitties, but I don't think I could have handled their antics yesterday. The tailgaters looked like they were having the best time of all, hanging out in the parking lot, on their lawn chairs, and in their campers.

All 54 puppies who played in Puppy Bowl V were picked from local shelters and rescue groups. They can all be found at Though most of the puppies are mixed breeds, there were some pure-breeds like Xander, the 14 week old pug pictured below. He's a good looking guy - kind of reminds me of myself when I was that age. I need to have Mom pull out my baby pictures so I can post some of them because I was so cute when I was young. All the girls in the neighbor would stop dead in their tracks when I came walking down the street. I had such a fan club. Oh to be young again!


lady jicky said...

Hey, cute pug. I take it they all get adopted in the end?

Stubby said...

Lady Jicky - All the puppies are available for adoption, but I don't think they get adopted at the end of the game. Puppy Bowl V was on Animal Planet - do you guys get that channel? If not, you can check it out on the Internet at Hugs and kisses to you an Kenzo. Hope you guys are staying cool - I know I am :)