Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday Wag Out!

Seed Earrings

Mom is loving these earrings. The big seed is a jupati seed and the small red one is a tento seed. Both seeds are from the Amazon rainforest, are ecologically sustainable, and accessible for local, indigenous artisans to access. By purchasing these earrings, you are helping the local artisans provide for their families, plus you are getting a one of a kind masterpiece.

One Village Gifts is committed to selling green and fair trade goods from all over the world. Approximately 70% of all their artisans are women and most of the time these women are mothers. They are often the sole bread winners for their families and the best way to earn a living is to produce handcrafted items that are based on cultural traditions. This is another win-win for everyone. Pick up these great earrings and other equally impressive gifts at

Chopstick Basket

This is another one of those items that you have to see to believe. Mom's zoo buddy Jen sent this idea to me and I love it. I don't eat with chopsticks but a lot of people around the world do. Any single use object is a waste, but this smart guy from Eugene, Oregon decided to upcycle chopsticks into works of art.

I know what you're thinking - yuk! Old chopsticks that were once in someones mouth are now a bowl that might hold some fruit? The chopsticks are clean and sanitized before being used to create this highly functional piece of art basket. The baskets are so multi purpose that you may find yourself with one in every room of your house. They also make great gifts for the person who has everything. Head on over to and fall in love with their unique designs.

Recycled Watering Can

Mom has a thing for watering cans. I really don't get it but she has lots of them. She does not have a watering can made from recycled sheet metal - at least not yet.

This great recycled watering can is as practical as it is stylish. It is made from sheet metal that was once commercial product packaging, but was saved from the landfill. Each design is unique and all are made in and fairly traded from India. The lid is removable so even if you have no use for a watering can, you can always use it as a vase. I'm sure there are other uses for it as well, but it would look great just hanging out in the garden or on a window ledge.

The Hunger Site funds food for the hungry people worldwide. It is a GreaterGood Network Store (one of six) which is run by They distribute funds to charitable organizations in need. By purchasing the recycled watering you are helping feed the world. Check out the recycled watering can and other great items at


Henry the Dog said...

What brilliant things. Aren't some people creative? Mum was actually wondering what happened to all those wooden chopsticks that she used when she was in Singapore and wondered what they did with them. As for the earrings, now they are definitely mum's cuppa tea - she would love them as a necklace, she doesn't wear earrings but has tons of necklaces and the chunkier and more ethnic, the better. I think she'll end up browsing that website.

Stubby said...

Henry - Mom is always saying that some people are just so creative (Mom is not one of them). I think the chopstick art is one of the coolest ideas I have seen yet this year. I bet the chopsticks your mum used in Singapore will soon be made into a basket.