Monday, May 11, 2009


Mom is loving this new product. You have to check it out. It will help you save trees, money, CO2, toner, time, energy, and more. Whew! What a list of things to save by using one little product. This is one of those things that is not too good to be true.

So what is GreenPrint and how does it work? GreenPrint is a product that you can download here that eliminates wasteful pages in any printout automatically. Mom is always telling me how much paper is wasted when you try to print directions from Mapquest, so she doesn't print them. Not printing them has nothing to do with the fact that she sometimes gets lost, but if there were a way to print the directions without the map and banner ads, she would definitely do it.

GreenPrint works by analyzing each page of every document that is sent to your printer. It looks for typical waste characteristics like a last page with just a URL, banner ad, logo, or copyright. This is stuff that you don't need printed. By eliminating this stuff, you can print only what you need, thus saving trees, money, CO2 - you get the picture. It also features a PDF writer, a print preview called GreenView, and a reporting feature that keeps track of the number of pages and amount of waste you have saved.

According to the GreenPrint website:

  • If all US households with a computer used GreenPrint, over $6 billion would be saved each year.
  • If all new computers used GreenPrint, greenhouse gas emissions would be reduced by over 117 million tons (like taking 23 million cars off the road for a year).
  • If all new computers sold in 2006 used GreenPrint, over 36 million trees would be saved every year.
Using GreenPrint is a no-brainer. Did I tell what the best part is? GreenPrint is free! Yeah! Just download and start printing responsibly. Do your part to help Mother Earth and as always, spread the word. We are all in this together.


Rachel said...

wow - what a great idea!! I will download this on my work computer immediately. I don't print much at home, but at work I'm always having to print web pages and that last page with just the URL drives me crazy!!!! I usually find other ways to recycle the paper, but this would be much easier!

Stubby said...

Hi Rachel - I am glad that you like this idea. Mom was glad that I found it for her because she has the same issues as you do with printing. The people that thought of this are so smart and generous since it is free.

Stubby xoxo

Pearl said...

Oh Stubby, another great discovery! You must just sit there on your cute puggy hiney all day surfing the web and lookin' for ways to help!

My momma gave up on Mapquest too... even when she prints off all the unnecessary paper, she STILL ends up lost! A few loose screw in her head if ya ask me, but don't tell her I said that.

Stubby said...

Pearly Poo - I do spend lots of time looking for ways to help and then I find them and share them with all my blogging friends. This is my secondary job - my first being head of security.

I probably won't have much time to look for things tomorrow because I will be super busy.

Stubby xoxo

Melissa and Emmitt said...

this is so cool!
thank you for sharing it!

Stubby said...

Hey Melissa and Emmitt - Thanks for stopping by! Your shows looked terrific Melissa and Emmitt was a good boy while you were gone as usual.

Stubby xoxo