Sunday, January 24, 2010

Out and About!

I was excited but a little suspicious they other day when Mom told me we were going for a car ride. She wouldn't possibly break one of her New Year's resolutions, would she? No, not my mom. I thought to myself that we must be going somewhere good like Popeyes but it was way too early in the morning. Do you see the school bus in the background of the picture? We left the house at 8:30 am and my worst fears were realized.

Mom tricked me into going to the vet to have my blood drawn. I have been on Previcox for my arthritis for about a month. When I was on it at the end of 2008, my kidney enzymes became elevated and I had to stop taking it. The doctor then put me on Tramadol but I hated it. It tasted bitter and Mom and Dad did every trick in the book to get the pills in my mouth - yuk!

My blood work showed that my kidney enzymes were once again elevated so bye bye Previcox. Mom was upset because I have been acting like a puppy while taking it. I have been pain free and loving life. Now I have to back to taking Tramadol or find something else to relieve my pain. I was so upset when I got in the car that I had to leave muddy paw prints all over my seat.

I was feeling okay yesterday so I told Mom and Dad that I wanted to go with them to my Uncle Greg's house. He's my favorite uncle and he was having a birthday party for my aunt. I love a party, especially if there's food, so into the car I went and we headed up to Wisconsin.

Even though it was cold outside, I insisted on having my window down in the car. I love to have the wind in my face, the cold air rushing into my ears. There are so many wonderful things to smell on the drive to Wisconsin and I'm not just talking about the farm animals. We drove right by a smokehouse and I pleaded with Dad to stop the car so we could pick up a few things but he told me that we didn't have time.

When we arrived at my uncle's house, my cousin Molly was sleeping. She's only 2 years old and she takes a nap every afternoon. Hey, I'm 11 and I nap all day long. I wonder if I only took one nap a day when I was 2. Doubt it! As soon as Molly woke up she ran into the kitchen and found me. She cannot get enough of me! We hung out in the kitchen all day - me because I was waiting for food to fall on the floor and Molly because she was stuck to me like Velcro.

Molly doesn't understand English because her mom only speaks to her in Spanish. She doesn't really talk that much but when she does it's mostly Spanish. She also can't pronounce my name so she calls me Lolly. Say what? Maybe Lolly means Stubby in Spanish. I mostly just ignored her when she talked to me because I only understand and speak English.

Mom calls Molly 'mole' because that's what it sounds like when Molly's grandmother says her name. Molly's grandma lives in Chile and I guess it's just her accent but now Mom has me calling Molly 'mole'. Mole, mole, mole. I'm getting hungry from all this mole talk.

Molly wouldn't let me rest while I was at her house. She just kept going and going. I'm sure glad we don't have any 2 year olds at our house or I would have to move out. I need my rest people! When we got home, Dad had to carry me upstairs to bed. Mom says I look like a little baby in this picture . I think the chicks will really dig it.

Thankfully, I slept in late today and by mid morning I was ready to get up because I was starving.
Before I headed downstairs to eat breakfast, I decided to practice my singing. I'm getting pretty good, don't you think? Emmitt, I'm ready for my solo!


THE PUGLET said...

Oh Stubbs, I love that I get emails from your blog. Now I can totally keep up with you. Thanks!

That sucks about the enzyme stuff. Good thing they found out though. My human says kidneys are important.

Brother Dutch takes Previcox + Tramadol sometimes. The Tramadol makes him sleepy and kinda mushy (human says: it's an opiate).

Those chalky white pills don't look very tasty. Has your human tried breaking them into little pieces and coating them in stinky gooey stuff? Like Kong Paste? Or salmon cream cheese?

That works for Dutch...

dw said...

Aww, Stubby, I'm sorry you've got to go back to the yucky medicine. I hope you can find something that will help you, not be yucky, and not mess with your kidneys. Your singing, btw, is stellar!

Oh, btw, does your mom use any restraints in the car for you?

Stella, Gunther & Betty said...

Stubby, ah man I totally understand how ya feel about taking yucky pills. I have to take 3 different pills 2x a day and then we're starting a new seizure medication and that one I have to take 3x a day. Mom is nice enough to cook ground turkey meat so she can hide my pills in it. Yummers!

I love your singing Stubby. Maybe you can stand outside my window when it warms up and serenade me?


Tweedles -- that's me said...

Hi Stubby,
I am so sorry you have to take those nasty pills again.
Maybe your mom will find something to disguise it in- (like maybe popeye chicken).
I know it must have felt so good to be acting like a little puppy and feeling good, but then they get to looking inside us with their microscopes and stuff.
Its the pits!!!!!!!
However, it sounds to me like you had such a good time with "Mole".
What a nice daddy you have that carrys you upstairs to bed. You are right- you look like a little baby- and adorable baby, and my mommy wants to come kiss you!
Sleep tite my frined- i hope you feels better

Salinger The Pug said...

Oh yuck Stubby dude...nasty pills??? Ugh. We like that idea of The Puglet's and using the salmon cream cheese! Hope it works for you dude!

That was so cute that you and the little Mole girl had fun playing!

Keep us posted dude!


Sandra y Coco said...

Hi Stubby! I am sorry to hear about the pill and the kidneys. Try to contain your breath and take the new pill buddy, kidneys are important for us. I take cortisone everyday and in the long run it may damage my kidneys too. Mom doesn't like to think about it because I need the cortisone to live. So far I am doing very good!
And about Molly, she is very cute! If you want to send her a message, I can translate. I understand both english and spanish!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi stubby!
oh you are a way better singer than me! i will be your back up buddy!

speaking of backs, i too have some arthritis in my back and have been on deramaxx for about a year. i take 1/2 a 25mg pill once a day and it really helps me with no side effects at all.

they are liver flavor and i actually cry for them because they are so yummy.

maybe you will like them too. :)


Stubby said...

Hi Puglet! I'm so glad you're getting the emails - yeah!

Mom tells me the same thing about my kidneys. The doctor thought I had a UTI last month and put me on antibiotics. I've been told I need to 'flush' my kidneys whatever that means.

I can't believe Dutch takes Previcox & Tramadol. Are his kidneys okay? He's not old like me so it's probably okay for him to take lots of medicine.

Mom and Dad have tried everything with the pills. Someone suggested marshmallows and that didn't work. What is Kong Paste? Does it taste like chicken?

Stubby xoxo

Stubby said...

Hi dw! I'm hoping the doctor will find something different for me to take because it's hard for me to walk when I'm not on meds.

I'm so glad you like my singing. I've been practising a lot lately and it's paying off.

Mom does not use any restraints in the car. That's not good, right? I'm not sure why she doesn't get me a restraint so I'll ask her. Please get one for Rainy.

Stubby xoxo

Stubby said...

Hi Betty! I can't believe you have to take so many pills. You are so young and healthy looking. Seizures are no good so don't forget to take your medicine, okay?

I like the idea of ground turkey wrapped around my pills. I'm going to suggest that and hopefully it will kill the pill taste.

You really like my singing Betty? Are you flirting with me? Of course I will serenade you when the weather warms up!

Stubby xoxo

Stubby said...

Hi Tweedles! I should get Popeyes every day with my pill! Mom could hide the pill in it and I'll just gobble the chicken down - yummy!

I know how lucky I am to have such a nice daddy. He's carries me upstairs every night since I can't walk up the stairs.

I'm blowing a kiss to you and your mommy! Nitey nite sweet Tweedles!

Stubby xoxo

Stubby said...

Salinger dude! I can sniff out pills in anything. I won't even eat peanut butter - which I used to love - anymore because I think there are pills in it. The last thing Mom tried was whipped cream - ala Penny - and it kind of worked.

Mom is thinking that I should try accupuncture but I don't know if I want someone sticking needles in me. Maybe I'll do it if the accupuncturist can meet me at Popeyes.

Stubby xoxo

Stubby said...

Hi Coco! I try to hold my breath and just take the pills like a man but I just can't do it. I didn't know you take cortisone every day. Do you have your blood checked a lot?

Thanks for offering to translate for me. Molly is cute and high energy. Just wait until your sister is born!

Stubby xoxo

Stubby said...

Hi Emmitt! You're going to back me up? OMD! We are going to be stars!

I'm going to have Mom ask the doctor about Deramaxx. I love liver flavored anything so I would love them. Us old guys have to do what we have to do!

Stubby xoxo

Anonymous said...

You need to stick those yucky pills in mini marshmellows. :) They are the best things ever.

Sucks about the Previcox but healthy kidneys are very important!

Our neighbors mommy talks to him in mostly porteguese so he can be hard to understand too but he is 5 now and his english is really good. :)

Stubby said...

Hi Lex! Even the mini marshmallows didn't work. I sniffed out the meds and now I won't go near a marshmallow. What's wrong with me?

Mom is still waiting to hear back from the doctor about my medicine. I know my kidneys are important so I'm not going to risk it with the Previcox.

Stubby xoxo

Debbie said...

This makes me sad - you are too gorgeous to be suffering. I hope the medicine helps. It is so sad we all have to get old :(

Sequoia & Petunia said...

Firsts Stubby, we so dig the being carried upstairs picture, you are one cute stud muffin pugger!

You probably already take this but Mom gives me Rejuvenate for my arthritis. Its a supplement only. It helps me alot, still can't do stairs but it works for me!


agent99 said...

Stubbs - it's terrible that you wont be able to take your medicine. Maybe if mom puts your pills in something different everyday, you might not notice? I bet you are too smart for that, but please help your mom out!
Feel better soon,

Love Gen & the Foo

Nancy Medina said...

Dear Stubbles, this here is your good Pal Bad Howie. I enjoyed that solo but I gotta tell yew, Annie can squeal like a pig when there's food around and so don't ever offer to sing fur her. My maw gives me this supply-ment called Dasaquin every day fur my joints. She said it's cuz I am old and fat. Have you ever heard such hooey in your life? I don't know if it's helpin. She thinks so but she also thinks I never pee in the house. heh heh.
Hope you're feelin better soon StubsMan,

Pearl said...

Stubby sugar,
I am sorry about your medicine and stuff. It's so hard trying to find just the perfect way to keep us puggies healthy. I know you will find a way to make it work!

I loooved your singing in that video! You have a real talent! I think you and Emmitt should hit the road, and I'll come along just to make sure you two always have fresh mini-meatloaves!


Stubby said...

Hi Debbie! I'm sad too because I don't like to be in pain. Hopefully I will be able to stomach the Tramadol and soon be back to my normal self.

Stubby xoxo

Stubby said...

Hi Tuni! I'm stud muffin pugger? You are making me blush!

I love being carried around and lately I've taken to putting my head on Daddy's shoulder. Mom always says "Awwww!" and I get lots of kisses.

I did not know you were on Rejuvenate. It really helps you, huh? I'm going to have Mom look into it because I really don't want to take medicine when I can take supplements.

Stubby xoxo

Stubby said...

Hi Gen & The Foo! Mom has tried to put my meds in everything and nothing has worked. I'm trying to take the medicine but it makes my mouth foam and I get nervous. I don't know if anything will work but I'm willing to try whatever you guys recommend.

Stubby xoxo

Stubby said...

Hi Howie! Thanks for the heads up about Annie. I don't want to hear any crazy squealing.

I've never heard of Dasaquin but I'm going to have Mom look into it. You are not old and fat. Are you sure your maw wasn't talking about Annie?

If your mom thinks the Dasaquin is working then it probably is. Please stop peeing in the house or your maw might send you packing!

Stubby xoxo

Stubby said...

Hi Pearly! It really stinks getting old. I know that you take care of yourself and that you probably won't ever have problems like this.

I agree that Emmitt and I should take our act on the road. And you are going to come with? OMD! You can be our Penny Lane!

Stubby xoxo

Chatty Crone said...

Those little ones can run you ragged. Hope you got some rest and hope your arthritis gets better. Sandie

Stubby said...

Hi Sandie! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love making new friends!

That Molly did run me ragged. Good thing for me I only see her every other month. It takes me that long just to recover from seeing her.

I got lots of rest today and my arthritis is okay today. Hopefully I will get this medicine thing figured out soon so that I can get back to talking walks.

Stubby xoxo