Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Someone You Should Know

I read a lot of blogs every day. I read all your blogs plus many environmental blogs. There's so much information out there and I learn so many things by reading all these blogs. I'm definitely inspired by things I read and there is a blogger who inspires me daily.

Beth Terry at Fake Plastic Fish is hardcore. She is completely committed to giving up plastic. I'm not just talking about plastic bags and water bottles but everything. Can you imagine doing this? It's a challenge I think everyone could take on but not many people even realize they need to do.

Beth started on her journey just a few years ago. In 2007 she read an article about the Great Garbage Patch in the North Pacific and her life hasn't been the same since. Today Beth is an activist. She used the power of the Internet, her voice, and the voices of her followers to get the parent company of Brita to set up a recycling program for their filters. How cool is that?

Beth documents her plastic waste and she just made a video of her 2009 plastic. Please stop by her website www.fakeplasticfish.com to view it. You won't believe the amount of plastic she used for a whole year. I'm a pug and I'm sure I used more. Ugh! I really need to get with the program this year. Mom will be helping me develop a plastic waste elimination plan so that I do my part to help the environment. Won't you join me on my journey? Together, we can change the world.


dw said...

Hi Stubby! You sure do know how to find a lot of cool information on the interweb! Speaking of finding things, this morning, as I looked through the food ads in today's Trib, there on the front of the Stracj & VanTil ad was a picture of the Marcal Paper Towels. I've tried searching their website for Marcal products but they aren't listed. The store isn't that far away from me (just up on Elston), so maybe if I get a chance I'll go check them out to see what they carry (I've never been there, but it's not far from Target). Unfortunately, this is the furthest north store of theirs. I'll let you know what I find! (Although if it snows as much as they were saying yesterday I don't think I'll run out there until it's cleaned up!).

Archie and Melissa said...

hi stubby!

oh how cool! i am off to check out her website now!

have a fabulous day!

m & e

Stubby said...

Hi dw! I asked Mom about Stracj & Van Til and she told me she's never heard of it. Let me know if you find the Marcal there. I'm sure the snow is going to keep you in the house and not out shopping but you just never know when you're going to need a little retail therapy!

Stubby xoxo

Stubby said...

Hi Melissa & Emmitt! Beth is really cool. I can't believe she has a regular day job because it seems like she's always doing activist stuff. I hope you like her blog.

Stubby xoxo

Smushie Ranch said...

Wow, we checked out the website Stubby. I know we waste a lot of plastic just in poop bags!

Stella, Gunther and Betty

Stubby said...

Hi Stella, Gunther and Betty! I'm so glad you guys checked out the website. Isn't Beth dedicated to the elimination of plastic?

I too use a lot of plastic bags but Mom is researching an alternative method to dispose of my waste. I'm not sure what that means but stayed tuned to find out more.

Stubby xoxo