Saturday, April 25, 2009

Animals Save the Planet!

Does this guy look a little upset? This is Cyril and he is one of the animals featured in short clips from Animal Planet called "Animals Save the Planet". Mom thinks that Cyril is a pug, but I don't think so.

Cyril does have a curly tail, but it's hard to tell if he has a BTOT. His bio reads "Lacking in ambition and devoid of any serious goals, Cyril enjoys chasing his tail all day before falling into a deep, dream-filled sleep. Too bad it's not that easy, little dog." Um, lacking in ambition - check. Devoid of any serious goals - check. Chasing his tail - check. Falling into a deep, dream-filled sleep - check. Okay if you just read his bio you may think he's a pug, but then you see the video and you shake your head no because he's sleeping in a dog bed at night. Everyone knows that pugs sleep in bed with their parents, not alone in a dark room in a dog bed - yuk!

Cyril is upset because all the electronic devices in the room where he is trying to sleep are on standby and humming as he is trying to sleep. He tries everything he can think of to silence the noise, but in the end he finally pulls the plug on all the devices. His message is to turn off what you don't use. If electronics are on all the time, they create greenhouse gases that in turn are harmful to the planet.

Cyril is one of nine animals with a message. All the messages are important, especially as Earth Week comes to an end. Please do your part to help the animals save the planet. Check out all of the short clips at after watching poor Cyril 'the maybe pug'.


Pearl said...

hahaha Stubby I do think Cyril is a pug! I didn't see a BTOT though...

You're right... he is sleeping in the wrong bed. The only buzzing my parents hear all night is MY snoring. :)

Stubby said...

Hey Pearly Poo - Can you imagine not sleeping in the bed with your parents? I would cry, throw a fit, and then run away. I can't believe that your parents hear anything coming from you Pearly because someone as sweet and lady-like as you couldn't possibly snore loud. Stubby xoxo

Pearl said...

hehehe Oh Stubby, I like your perspective. I AM very lady-like, indeed... but I do pack a mean snore. Momma says I bark in my sleep sometimes too. :)