Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wednesday Wag Out!

Messenger Bag

Mom already has too many bags, but she doesn't have one like this. This messenger bag is made from 100% organic cotton and is really heavy-duty. Built to hold quite a load, it has room for books, binders, water bottles, snacks, and more.

You can only find this great bag at Green T, an environmentally friendly company. Not only are all their products made with certified organic or sustainable eco-friendly fabrics, but they only do business with companies that follow Fair Trade or Sweatshop Free standards. This is defintely the way to run a profitable business and feel good about doing so. Check out the messenger bag and other cool items at

Recycled Paper Necklace

I think it is so cool how people come up with different recycling ideas. Mom is quite handy and creative, but even she will admit that there are far better ideas out there than hers.

The beads on this cool necklace are made glossy paper found in old calendars and brochures. Add a few glass seed beads in between the recycled beads and viola!
The necklaces are made by young women would are part of the Teenage Mothers Association of Kenya (TEMAK). TEMAK is an organization that offers job training in many areas to unwed mothers, girls, and others in a slum community in Kenya. Many of the young women make crafts to earn income to support themselves and their families. You will look great wearing this necklace while you feel good about helping out those in need, so head on over to to pick up one today.


Not all bags are created equal are they? Mom and Dad use Whole Food Bags made from recycled content when they are out shopping, but I think they could use more bags. If they decide they don't need any additional bags, I am going to buy some bags for my friends because the bags have a story to tell.

The ChicoBag rePETe (get it?) is made from 99% recycled content, but it also has messages written on it. The handles say "This bag is made from 7 plastic bottles!" and a list of the recycled materials used in manufacturing the bag is printed on the inside of the bag. How cool is that! Each bag comes with a stuff pouch so the bag takes up very little room in your purse or car. The bags hold 25 pounds - that's more than I weigh! I guess I could fit in the bag, but that wouldn't be a good idea, would it? These bags would make great Earth Day gifts, so visit soon because Earth Day is only 14 days away.


Pearl said...

My momma is 'ooooh'ing and 'ahhhh'ing over the recycled paper necklace!

Thanks for sharing these goodies with us!

Stubby said...

Hey Pearl - I think you should buy that pretty necklace for your mom for Mother's Day. I've already picked out Mom's gift, but I am bad at keeping a secret, so I hope she doesn't try to get it out of me. Stubby xoxo