Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wednesday Wag Out!

Eco Twine Rug

Mom was hard at work last week putting away the household winter stuff and replacing it with spring stuff. She put out the bunnies in the family room, changed the flags outside, and even changed the rugs. She is always looking for new rugs but she never finds anything she really likes. When I showed her these rugs she gave me a big kiss and could not stop thanking me.

These stylish rugs are made from recycled soda bottles, candy wrappers, and plastic labels. Yep, these are trashy rugs. Instead of going to the landfill, they are transformed into beautiful rugs by women in India. They weave the plastic twine into one-of-a-kind creations that are sure to last well beyond this season. By purchasing this rug you will not only have a true work of recycled art in your house, but you will also be enabling the women of India an opportunity to earn a living while working at home. Everyone needs a piece of art under their feet, so head on over to to get your very own rug today.

Book Journals

Everyone knows how much Mom loves books, but did you know that she is always looking for ways to recycle books? When I came across this neat product, Mom couldn't believe her eyes. Why hadn't she thought of this?

Book Journals are paper journals made from recycled book covers. Each journal is contains about 75 sheets of acid free, blank paper for you to draw in or jot down personal notes. Anything that was in the inside cover, like a library due date sheet, inscription, or illustrations is intact, so each journal is truly unique. They have lots of styles to choose from including lots of Dr. Seuss books and they also do custom orders. Mom is thinking about getting some turtle book journals, but in the mean time she is heading over to today to pick up a cookbook journal.


This is another idea that has been around for a while, but is still very cute and stylish. With spring upon us, who doesn't need a new bag?

Rebagz are handmade bags made from recycled juice packs and nylon rice sacks. They have many different styles to choose from including wallets, cell phone bag, shopping bags, makeup bags, and even laptop carriers. The woven bags are made from recycled juice packs so they are very colorful and unique. The nylon rice sack bags feature designs from many different types of rice sacks. There is even a blue bird bag that Mom likes.

The founder of the company got the idea for Rebagz during a trip to the Phillipines. He found a foundation that recycles plastic juice packs and weaves them into all kinds of cool things. He also noticed that some rice bags had really colorful designs on them and viola, Rebagz was created. These bags are a great alternative to the 'status quo' bags of today and they are good for the planet. Get your new bag for spring today at

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