Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday Wag Out!

Make Your Own Cereal

Mom loves this idea and can't wait to make her own cereal. I'm sure she's not going to make a cereal that I would like, but hopefully she will at least let me try it.

With [me] and goji, you design a cereal from 50+ all natural and organic ingredients. They mix it by hand at their shop in New England, then ship it off to you in its own custom made cereal capsule. Their website walks you through the cereal creation process, from starting with a base and then adding fruits, nuts, seeds, and more. Simply drag and drop items into the cereal bowl and viola - your very own creation. You even get to name your cereal. I'm not sure what Mom is going to name hers, but I think Nut Job would be appropriate. Check out [me] & goji to get a one of a kind breakfast delight at

The Body Deli

You guys know how Mom is always looking for natural skincare products and this company has all the right stuff she's looking for. The name of the company is cool and their products are very different from what you see all the time.

The people at The Body Deli were inspired by the concept of living foods when developing their products. According to their website, all their products are designed to provide nutrition for the skin, both inside and out. Handmade in small batches, their products incorporate raw, fresh, natural, and organic ingredients. Some of their products even have to be refrigerated so they don't spoil.

Mom is interested in the Blueberry Fusion facial scrub. It is supposed to be the ultimate exfoliant and it's made with fresh blueberries, in additional to a host of other good ingredients. I wonder if it is edible. Maybe Mom will put some on me, not that I need any exfoliation, thank you. Click on over to to check out their yummy products.

Eco-Friendly Sandals

I don't wear sandals (or any type of shoes for that matter), but Mom loves to wear sandals all summer long. When I found these eco-friendly sandals for her the other day, she told me that she was going to treat herself to a pair later this week. I don't know why she is treating herself - did she win an award, save a life, or win the lottery this week?

zoe&zac is a new line of affordable, stylish, and eco-friendly shoes and accessories from Payless ShoeSource. This cute little sandal (perfect for walking the beach) features an organic cotton and eco-friendly faux leather upper. You will never guess what the elastic slingback is made from - recycled soda and water bottles! How cool is that?

The entire line is under $30 and through May 4, when you buy 1 you get another one at 1/2 off. If those weren't reasons enough to pick up a few pairs, Payless will contribute $1 to The Nature Conservancy's Plant a Billion Trees Campaign for each zoe&zac product sold. Head on over to to shop online or to find a store near you.


Pearl said...

Ok, I am kind of obsessed with this whole 'make your own cereal' concept! I am thinking about doing it!

Stubby said...

Pearly Poo - I thought you were obsessed with me, you silly pug!
Mom is also obsessed with it and is going to create some this weekend. I am not obsessed with it because there is no meat option.
Stubby xoxo