Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wednesday Wag Out!

Salt Lamp

Mom always thinks she is the last one to find out about all the cool stuff in the world. This is simply not so. She finds things and then forgets about them, so this is a memory thing, not a first to know thing. She loves these lamps, but when she first saw them last year she didn't tell me about them. Duh! How can I blog about them if I don't know about them?

Salt lamps don't just look beautiful, they are even good for you. The salt comes from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains which is on the other side of the Earth. Salt lamps generate healthy negative ions that cleanse the air, kind of like how the air changes after a good rain. The change in the air is due to negative ions and that is exactly what these lamps give off. The best parts is that they don't lose their power over time.

But why do you need negative ions in your air? Negative ions help purify the air of allergens, dust, smoke, bacteria and more yucky stuff. Not only is this lamp a source of light and a natural air purifier, it can also help people who have various respiratory ailments. Mom has asthma, so now that she told me about these lamps, I am going to remind her to buy one for her office. See if the negative ions help cleanse your air by buying a salt lamp at

Mom always has umbrella issues. I just don't get it. Why go out when it rains anyway? Just wait until the rain stops and then go out. Silly humans!

If you must go out in the rain, shield yourself in style with this great Eco'brella from Totes that is made of 70% recycled components. The canopyis made from 100% recycled PET bottles, the fram is made from 70% recycled steel and aluminum, the handle is made from bamboo, and the handle strap is made from waxed hemp. It features a cool recycled symbol on it so that everyone knows you are doing the right thing. This is a must have for all those springtime showers, so head on over to to get yours today.

Dung Bunnies

Okay, I thought this was a joke when Mom first told me about it, but then she showed it to me and I couldn't stop laughing. Dung bunnies? Just what every pug needs!

Susan Bell is a Denver artist who one day wondered what to do with all the manure produced by her two horses. Then the light bulb went on over her head and Dung Bunnies was born. These days she doesn't just make bunnies, she also makes duck, pigeon, frog, and cats
sculptures. Hey, no pug sculptures? I am going to e-mail her and tell her that I will gladly model for a pug sculpture.

The sculptures are made entirely out of horse manure so they are perfect in the garden as decoration but also as fertilizer because they decompose slowly over a period of a year or so.
They don't even smell because the manure turns to compost in 2 years at which point it is ready to be turned into bunnies and more (soon pugs). The more you have in your garden, the healthier your plants will be. Mom cannot wait to get her dung bunnies and she is glad that these bunnies won't leave any poop in the yard. Head on over to to get yourself a bunny or two.


Pearl said...

Stubby, I have to admit I giggled a bit at the dung bunny! I admit that it's a great idea, but it looks like my own personal version of a chocolate bunny! I think I might just start by eating the ears... then maybe the feetsies...

Oh please don't think less of me now that you know that I occasionally eat poop. It's all natural... and FREE! :)

Stubby said...

Pearl darling - How could I think less of you because you eat poop? Eating poop makes you the perfect girl for me because I eat poop every chance I get. It is natural, free, and good for you. It is the perfect food. Stubby xoxo

Rachel said...

We heard about those dung bunnies on HGTV or something - how smart are people?!?! I think a dung-pug is just what I need for my gardenia bushes. Yup.

Admin said...

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