Saturday, July 25, 2009

Help Save The Whales

This is so cool! I love whales and I hate that some countries still hunt them. Some species have practically been hunted to extinction and I'm putting my paws down to stop this madness!

Greenpeace Australia has a really cool campaign where you can join the swell of international pressure by sending a virtual origami whale to the Japanese prime minister to ask him to stop whaling. Japan is notorious for whaling and they claim that they do it for research purposes. Right. And what do they do with the meat? Nothing! There is no market for it. What a total waste and we must work together to stop it now!

This is how you can help. Simply sign the petition and create your own custom whale to send to Japan. When I made my origami whale earlier today, there were 118,317 whales swimming to Japan. Wow! There aren't that many real whales swimming in all the oceans of the world. The more whales that join the pod the bigger the impact when they arrive in Japan.

Once I finished making my whale, I watched it swimming with the pod. Every whale looked different and had a different name with a different message. My whale is named 'Stubby's whale'. Real original, huh? Mom is going to make one tomorrow and I have no idea what she is going to name it.

I can even click on the map and see where my whale is. Since I just made it today, today is my first day at sea. I'm leaving Australia and heading for Japan. Only 8,504 miles to go! I can even check back and see where my whale is by entering my e-mail address. How cool is that? I can even see the other whales in pod that are swimming around me.

So head on over to and create your own whale to send to Japan. We need all the whales we can to make sure our voices are heard. This is your chance to stop whaling once and for all.


The Great Rock Eater said...

Mommy sent a whale and put the application on her Facebook page!!! Hopefully, everyone will make a whale!!

Stubby said...

Hi Lilo! I'm so glad your mommy sent a whale and put the application on her Facebook page. I hope everyone sees it and sends their own whale.

Stubby xoxo

Heather and Walter said...

Stubby you are just the best. the BEST! Love, Heather and Walter, who adore you.