Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wednesday Wag Out!

Flip Flops

What is more summery than a pair of flip flops? Everyone owns a pair or two, but not many people you know have these. They are catching on and by the end of the summer I predict they will be on feet all over the world.

Made from 100% natural rubber, wearing these flip flops by Feelgoodz will lessen your impact on the environment. Most flip flops are made from synthetic rubber and petrochemicals that are bad for the enironment and non-renewable. These cool looking flip flops are 100% recyclable and biodegradable, and are made with all-natural, non-toxic dyes. Yeah! They even mold to the shape of your foot, which is unusual in a flip flop but great for your feet.

Head on over to to get your flip flops today. While you're there, check out how these guys are giving back while making a great product by giving 3% of their revenues to to support social entrepreneurs.

Eco Friendly Nail Polish

Mom always says that if you are a woman and you wear sandals, you must have pretty piggies. I'm not really sure what that means but I think it has to do with painting your toenails. I don't paint my toenails, but if you do, please check out this nail polish.

If you are using regular nail polish please stop. There are so many toxic ingredients in nail polish and those ingredients are absorbed directly into your bloodstream via your nails. Yuk! These ingredients wreak havoc on your body and they have been linked to cancers and birth defects.

This is another alternative to traditional nail polish. This eco friendly nail polish from Kaia House is free of toluene, phthalates, and formaldehyde, and is never tested on animals. If you must paint your piggies, please paint responsibly. Check out the cool colors and the 'free of bad stuff' nail polish remover at

Bicycle Basket

Mom has been looking for a bicycle basket forever. Everytime she thinks she's found one there is a problem with it. When I found this basket by Basil there wasn't anything Mom could find wrong with it. She loves it and so will you.

This throwback design bicycle basket not only looks cool, it is cool. Why? Because it's made from recyclable fiber instead of traditional wicker. What a great idea! Mom likes it because it has carrying straps so she can remove it from her bike to take into the store when she shops. Luckily for me, Mom has no plans to put me in the basket.

Just in time for summer bicycle rides around town, get your bicycle basket at I really don't think it will hold a pug, especially not a full sized guy like me, but you never know.


Salinger The Pug said...

Thanks for more great info dude!!! Mom is going to look into that nail polish.

You are always full of such good ideas, and you would look TOTALLY fetching riding in mom's bicycle basket!

Miss you buddy!


Pearl said...

Hi Stubby! Ya wanna know something weird? Momma read your post last night before she went to sleep, and then she had a dream about those flip-flops! I think it's a sign that she needs 'em... don't you?!

Thanks for the info, sweet boy!

Stubby said...

Hey Salinger dude! Mom is currently using a different brand of eco nail polish, but she is ordering this one today.

As for the basket, I will cry like a baby if she tries to put me in there. I would rather go in my buggy where I can do my own thing!

Miss you too buddy!

Stubby xoxo

Stubby said...

Hi Pearly Poo - That is so weird about your Momma dreaming about the flip flops! I think she totally needs to get a pair so that she looks stylish all summer.

Stubby xoxo

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi stubby and mom!
what a fabulous post!

i love all of the items you found!

i know if i ever tried to take emmitt biking with me he would well... get us both killed. :)

what a wiggle worm!

m & e

Stubby said...

Hi Melissa & Emmitt - I'm a wiggle worm too, but that won't stop Mom from trying to put me in the basket. Maybe you should get Emmitt a buggy like mine so that he can go biking with you. Mine attaches to Mom's bike and I chill out while she does all the pedaling!

Stubby xoxo

Rachel said...

great products! I am always preaching about the horrors of nail polish (I never paint mine, but keep them very manicured and "pretty" as your mom says) - mostly no one believes me, so I'm glad you confirmed this. This nail polish looks great, though - I'm buying a bottle for my mom who refuses to leave her toe nails unpolished despite my best end-of-days warnings.

Stubby said...

Hey Rachel! I'm glad you liked the products. Isn't it funny how people look at you like you have 3 eyes when you tell them about all the bad stuff in nail polish? Some people just don't get it. Let me know how your mom likes the nail polish.

Stubby xoxo