Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Joey!

I went to my good buddy Joey's 4th birthday party this morning. As you can see, I had on my party attire and I think I looked pretty good. The party was held on Joey's deck and it was the perfect day for a party.
Joey's sister Lily organized the party and it was a huge success. She baked the cake last night and frosted and decorated it this morning. Mom and dad loved the cake, but of course, there was no cake for me.
I brought Joey some Dingo's and some homemade treats. Joey immediately had a Dingo and he loved it. Joey found a great spot to eat his Dingo and take in the beautiful morning. Even though Joey is not a pug, he is one of my best buddies. I took him under my wing when he got to the neighborhood, and we have been buddies ever since.
I had a great time at the party, but as you can see, after a few hours I was pooped. I could hardly keep my eyes open when mom took this picture. After mom took the picture, I convinced her to take off my party hat and take me home because my bed was calling my name.

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