Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wednesday Wag Out!

Reusable Bags

This little sea turtle says it all. Plastic bags are destructive to the environment from their creation to their use. They never die, so their impact is felt forever. The Eco Maniac Company is a family run business that is on a mission to help the environment by reducing the use of disposable plastic bags. A portion of their sales is donated to, a website that supports the research and conservation of sea turtles all over the world. Buy your own reusable bag with a cute sea turtle design on it at

Feel Good Tees

Sandra Blum started to express her compassion for animals. She wanted to create something that would make people think about their decision to eat meat. A portion of all sales is donated to farm animal sanctuaries and animal rights organizations. Get your own tee and spread the message by visiting

BioBag For Pets

Pet waste ends up in landfills unlike human waste. Most people place pet waste in plastic bags and then throw the bags in the garbage. The problem with this practice is that the plastic bags will take over 100 years to decompose.

According to their website, BioBag Dog holds the distinction of being the first biodegradable and compostable “plastic” pooper bag in the world. Once the dog waste has been placed in the BioBag it can be thrown in your backyard compost, where both items can decompose naturally. Or the waste and bag can be buried, where micro-organisms will quickly eat both. Another option is placing the waste and bag curbside with other yard waste where communities collect biodegradable waste for composting. This great environmentally friendly product can be found at

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