Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mom's Back!

Mom got back late last night from her turtle trip to Georgia. I missed her a lot and am glad that she is home.

There are lots of things mom does that I don't understand, like not eating meat and not sleeping in late, but going to Wassaw is at the top of the list. The thing is, every year she comes back and raves about what a great time she had and how she can't wait to go back. Even though she had a great time, I know that she is glad to be back home because she missed me.

There were lots of baby turtles that emerged while mom was on the beach. This little guy is all full of sand as he races for the ocean. He is cute, but not as cute as me.

These babies don't look very happy hanging out in the bucket at the cabin. Mom tells me that they emerged from the nest early in the morning, but that it is safer for them on the beach at night, so they rested at the cabin until they could be released after dinner.

Mom always meets lots of great people each time she goes to Wassaw and this year was no different. Sam was the youngster of the group and mom says that he is very smart. Seth was Sam's cousin and mom loved how mellow and easy going he was. Julia was a girl from Savannah who mom told me knows a lot about music. Sam was the only one of the "kids" that had been to the island before.

Sue was the science teacher from Denver and she was the true neophyte of the group. Mom had a great time hanging out with Sue and loved how Sue would cartwheel to the nests. Mom hopes that she will be able to spend another week with Sue next year and has even offered to keep her awake during the long nights of nesting season.

The barnacle master Mike was the leader of the group. Mom loves Mike's sense of humor and loves talking music with him. Mike's son Ben joined the group on Thursday and mom told me that it is like going to science class with Ben around because he knows everything about the animals on the island. Mike's sister Rebecca was the able bodied assistant. Rebecca was in Playa Grande earlier this year, so her and mom spent lots of time talking about the project down there. Mom also mentioned that they talked about someone named Bryan, but I have no idea who that is.

Rounding out the group was mom's good buddy Carole. Even though I have never met Carole, I feel like I know her. Mom tells me that her and Carole are the best of buds and that I can relate to. I think that mom wants to go to Wassaw every year with Carole so that they can act silly and giggle all night long.

I know that I can never go to Wassaw to work with the turtles, but mom tells me that she is going back every year until they tell her she can't go. Sometimes I wish she would be the first one voted off the island.

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