Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We Add Up

Mom loves all things green, so when she found out about this website, she asked me to help spread the word.

We Add Up is a mother-daughter venture to raise awareness about global warming. A global campaign using organic cotton t-shirts that literally “counts you in” in the fight against global warming, every shirt is printed by hand with a unique number. According to their website, your number represents your place in the sequential global count of all the people who are taking steps to help stop climate change. As the count grows, we demonstrate to the world that “WE ADD UP.” The really cool thing about the t-shirts, besides the unique number, is that on the back of each shirt is a word or phrase that describes an action almost anyone can take to reduce their carbon footprint, such as, Unplug, Lights Off, Carpool, Hybrid, Bike, Buy Local, and 18 others. You choose which action you are committed to doing and get counted in. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something, and when we all do then WE ADD UP!

The goal of the venture is to get millions of people around the world counted in and committed to helping stop global warming. Mom loves this idea because it grabs peoples attention and gets them talking. There are so many cool designs to choose from, so get your t-shirt at http://www.weaddup.com/ and be counted.

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