Monday, August 4, 2008

These Come From Trees

I am a dog, so I love trees. I cannot walk past a tree without stopping to take in all the smells at the base of the tree trunk. I can identify who has been by a certain tree just by smelling it. With all that being said, I want to save trees. Okay, that sounds very selffish, but really, everyone should want to save trees, not just dogs. We need trees, even more than they need us. When my mom told me about this project, I just knew that everyone should know about it.

These Come From Trees is a project. that was started when Pete, the project's owner, was in an In and Out Burger and notice how many napkins were were left unused on each table. The people who were cleaning up would throw the unused napkins away (which is what anyone would do), but this created an awful lot of waste. Pete was at once made aware of this wastefulness, but what would he do about it?

Pete then noticed all the towel dispensers in public washrooms and all the napkins that were being wasted there. He also noticed the signs in the washrooms of restaurants stating that all employees must wash their hands. The problem with these signs was that they were above the towel dispensers and not above the urinal (for men) or on the inside stall door (for women). It was at this point that the light bulb went off and he decided that he needed a message and viola, These Come From Trees was born.

The message is in sticker form as shown above. People buy them, stick them on public towel dispensers, take a picture of the towel dispenser, they send it to Pete who posts the pictures on his blog. This reminds mom of Flat Stanley or Where's Waldo. According to Pete's field testing, each sticker deployed saves about a tree's worth of paper (~100 lbs.) a year. Wow! Those stickers are worth their weight in gold.

This project is about saving trees, but it is also about raising awareness. Hopefully people will begin to understand the impact of their actions and realize that even small steps in the right direction makes a difference. Mom loves this project and is ordering some stickers today. Please join in the fight to save the trees by visiting Pete's website at

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