Tuesday, August 26, 2008

No More Excuses!

That's right. No more excuses for using plastic bags. Stop it right now or I will tell mom on you!

Wild Onion is a transplanted Chicagoan now living in California. This blogger loves all things fiber and is an avid quilter. Her 10 year old son just started a business selling tee-bags. Put quite simply, tee-bags are t-shirts that are recycled into reusable shopping bags. What a great idea! Everyone has old t-shirts laying around that they no longer wear. Quite frankly, everyone probably also has plenty of plastic bags laying around too, which is a big no-no.

Wild Onion's son allowed her to post the how to instructions of the tee-bags on her blog. The proceeds from the sale of the tee-bags go towards a 6th grade field trip. I know there are lots of creative kids out there that could also come up with great ways to recycle everyday items, so please encourage your children to come up with a similar project.

So grab your old t-shirts, buy some at a garage sale, pick up some at the Goodwill, or simply trade for some, and get started. Wash the t-shirts first and after 4 easy steps viola! Check out the instructions at http://wildonionstudio.wordpress.com/2008/06/01/tee-bags/. Your own custom made, machine washable, fully recycled, feel good, good for the earth bag awaits you!


Susan Italo said...

Hi! I'm glad you like the idea of the "Tee-Bags". Thanks for the link. My site has the full tutorial, which I worked hard to create. Please take my copyrighted photos off of your blog post-- I think directing your readers to my post through your live link is terrific, but taking the photos off of my site isn't nice (or legal!)
Thanks for your cooperation,
Susan Italo
Wild Onion Studio

Susan Italo said...

Thank you so much for your understanding and your cooperation. Your blog is delightful, and your mom should be very proud of you!