Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bath Time!

Even though I just had a bath last October, Mom and Dad decided that I needed another one over the weekend. I may have smelled a little and my usually shiny coat may have been a little scraggly, but I didn't really mind the way I smelled or looked. If I had my way I would probably never take a bath, but as much as I hate to admit it, I am not in charge of me. Nope. Mom and Dad (mostly Mom) run the show, so when they tell me I need a bath, I give them my sad eyes as they load me in the car.

Don't I look like I am ready to vomit? Well I did right before this picture was taken. Dad took this right before we pulled out of the driveway and right after he cleaned up the mess. I am sitting on Mom's lap wondering how my vomitting trick didn't work. I actually got tricked into getting into the car. Mom told me that we were going to Popeye's, so I race outside and almost jumped into the car by myself. I can't really jump anymore, so Dad placed me on Mom's lap and that's when she told me that we were going to the dog wash. Oh no, not a bath. I thought we were going to get chicken or I never would have agreed to go. Like I said, I am not in charge.

Thankfully, Mom did not bring the camera into the dog wash. Last time she did that, I was totally humiliated by the awful pictures she took. She knows that I don't like baths and that I don't look good wet, but she just had to take some pictures - yuk! This time I warned her to keep the camera in the car or I would shake water all over her until she was as wet as me. Sometimes she is smart and heeds my warnings.

This is me all nice and clean. You can see part of Mom and only a tiny part of Dad. Mom thinks that this picture is one of the best she has ever taken of me and she calls it 'the handsome one'. This is definitely my good side, don't you agree?

All of the excitement of the car ride, the dog wash, and the awful drying off left me so exhausted it was all I could do to keep my eyes open on the ride back home. I was so tired that I had to rest my head on the door to keep myself awake. My eyes are barely open in this picture, but right after this was taken, we drove through a construction zone and I was once again wide awake.

I couldn't stay awake for long, so I decided to lay down on Mom's lap and soak up some sunshine. All I could think about was getting back home and crawling into bed, despite the fact that I was still a little wet. The only good thing about getting a bath today is that I probably won't get another one for another 6 months.


Kelly said...

hahaha Oh Stubby! You look sooo cute and clean! Aren't Mommas the meanest? Mine is always trying to make me smell 'good'. UGH! I love my natural musk!

Stubby said...

Pearl darling - Thanks for the compliment. Much to my dismay, I still smell clean despite rolling around in the backyard. I'm sure you always smell sweet as roses. The pug musk is the best smell ever! xoxo

Henry the Dog said...

I've just found this post. It made mum giggle. She says you do look very handsome:)