Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday Wag Out!

Plastic Bottle Shopping Bag

Mom has lots of shopping bags, so she is looking to buy some as gifts. She really likes this bag because it is made from a fiber that is produced from 100% post consumer plastic and it's made in the USA. Mom also likes the pretty flower design that says "This bag is made from plastic bottles recycled by consumers. Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle. Think Twice." Hopefully when people see you out and about using this bag they will think twice about using plastic bags. Pick up a bag for yourself or for a gift at

Recycled Record Frame

I am too young to remember when music was available on vinyl records, but Mom talks about it all the time. She is constantly strolling down memory lane about her all-time favorite records that she listened to over and over again. Ah, the good old times, she always says. I don't know if they really were the good old times, but there are a lot of vinyl records in the world, so people are starting to recycle them.

This great looking frame is really a vinyl record. You can hang it on the wall or it can stand on its own. This made in the USA frame has a 4 1/4" diameter opening, so you can easily fit a picture of me in there. Get a frame to show off a picture of your loved one (me!) at

Lantern Bottle

This is one of those products that Mom says is a must have for her turtle trip. Believe it or not, the cabin that Mom and Carole stay in does not have electricity, so they use flashlights and Mom brings a lantern. This little gadget will be the hit of the trip this year because it looks better than a regular lantern and is much lighter to pack.
This neat little lid fits on your water bottle and turns it into a lantern. The best part about it is that you can take it with you, use it upside down, or hang it from a branch. The lide contains an integrated LED light that spreads a warm glow throughout the bottle, just like a firefly hence the name. You can even adjust the level of light depending on your need. The electrical stuff is in a separate sealed compartment, so you don't have to worry about getting water in it. How cool is that? This great idea is available in select stores or online at

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