Friday, March 13, 2009

Eat Chocolate and Give Back to the World

Mom loves chocolate and would eat it every day if she could eat it and not gain weight. I cannot eat chocolate, not because of the weight thing, but because it is dangerous and could kill me. I cannot speak firsthand about how delicious Endangered Species Chocolate is, but if Mom likes it it must be good.

It's Time For Hope is a contest from Endangered Species Chocolate. It's simple to enter - just share a story about what gives you hope and you could win a Chocolate of the Month Club for you and a friend. One grand prize winner will even win a $5,000 donation to a nonprofit of their choice.

There is so much bad news in the world today that being hopeful and staying positive are the only ways we are going to get through. By being positive you can make things happen for the good. Each day all of us have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others and work on making this world a better one than it is today. Doesn't that give you hope?

Endangered Species Chocolate is all about hope - their passion is habitat and species conservation - because their tasks are so daunting. Saving endangered species is sometimes an uphill battle, but one that is ultimately worth believing in and fighting for. Like Mom always says, we are all in this together and it is everyones responsibility to do the right thing.

In addition to the contest, Endangered Species Chocolate hides random codes and keywords inside their candy wrappers and on their magazines ads. Find the codes and enter them on their website to earn points toward coupons, gift cards, or donations to conservation nonprofits.

These guys are really making a difference and giving hope where it once was lost. Whether you want to share a story of hope or you just need a little sunshine on a cloudy day, visit to read stories of hope from all over the U.S.


Henry the Dog said...

I've never heard of this. Where can we buy some? Also, I'm all for staying hopeful - mum and me are great believers in that. I'll be having a look at that website, Stubby old pal. Good idea.

Stubby said...

Hey Henry! I'm so glad you're back because I've missed you.
Tell your mum that you can buy the delicious chocolates at Mom often gives them as little gifts because one of the packages has a sea turtle on them.
They sell the chocolates in some of our grocery stores and that's where Mom gets them. There is a search function on the website to search store locations outside the U.S., so maybe your mum can pick some up when she goes back to the yUK!