Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wednesday Wag Out!

Portable Solar and Wind Generator

Mom has been looking for a solar powered generator that she can use when she goes on her turtle trips and I finally found one that I think she will like.

This generator only weighs 13 ounces which makes it perfect for those pack light trips. It recharges cell phones, cameras, and ipods, so it will be all Mom needs to charge all her stuff. The best part about this generator is that it harnesses both sun and wind power. They even make a bike holder for it so that you can capture wind power as you pedal. If Mom gets the bike holder I hope she doesn't hook it on my buggy because I don't want to get blamed when she goes over a bump and it goes flying in the air. Get your solar and wind power generator now at so that you have it when spring arrives next week.

All Over Body Balm

Mom is always looking a multi-use products and when she found this one, she just had to try it. There are over 22 uses for this little, bitty balm from Revolution Organics, but once you try it you'll wonder how you've lived without it.

Rich in vitamins A, B, C, & E, the All-Over Body Balm is specially formulated with organic butters, plant extracts, and nourishing oils. It's the perfect size for your purse, pocket, or to keep in the car. Mom won't tell me what some of the 22 uses are, put she has been putting it on her hands and lips. I peeked over her shoulder when she was ordering it and one of the uses was to tame unruly eyebrows. Mom's eyebrows are more than unruly, so I hope she uses this stuff to get them under control. She realy loves this balm and I am happy for her, as long as she doesn't try to put it on me. My rough spots are fine without balm on them, thank you. If you need an all-purpose body balm, head on over to

Telephone Wire Bowls

Mom loves anything made from recycled materials. She loves fair trade goods even more, so when she found these bowls she hit the jackpot.

These beautiful, one of a kind bowls are made in South Africa. Fair trade and made from colorful telephone wire, they are ideal for holding many things you currently have lying around the house. Sold by
Global Sistergoods, these great bowls come from a great company.

According to their website they "
support and encourage the artisans we work with to use recycled materials, natural dyes and otherwise implement environmentally sustainable practices in their work. We ask them about their practices because we care, and we know you do too." The company also buys recycled paper, reuses everything they can, and when they must use packing peanuts, they use starch-based ones that can be compostable. Global Sistergoods has made it their business to create a marketplace for women artisans around the globe. Please help support them by purchasing a bowl at

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