Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Brothers

Even though I am technically an only child, I do have two "plush" brothers. I love them and keep them around for fun, but occasionally they get on my nerves. When this happens, I put them in their place and tell them that I am in charge.

This is a picture of my brothers - Big Mikey and Buddy Dog. Big Mikey is the big guy sitting on the chair. My other Mom and Dad, Sandy and Carl, bought this chair for me for Christmas a few years ago, but Big Mikey decided he liked more than I did. I don't like to sit on chairs unless there is a lap on the chair, so it sat empty until Big Mikey showed up. Big Mikey was a gift from Mom and Dad three years ago and Buddy Dog was a gift from one of my other mommies, Colleen, when I was a baby. These guys do not hang out together, but I thought it would be neat to have them together in a picture.

Buddy Dog is almost the same age as me. When I first saw him I thought that he was a real, live pug! I was afraid to go near him and when I finally did, I walked up behind him and sniffed him. Mom and Dad were cracking up - literally laughing at me for thinking Buddy Dog was real. Since then, Buddy Dog has been my best friend. He is a little weathered and dirty, but that's how I like him. Mom says he stinks and needs a bath, but Buddy Dog just ignores her. At least he still has eyes which is more than I can say for some of my friends plushes.

I like to beat up on Buddy Dog whenever I can. Buddy Dog works on the first floor of the house where he is in charge of security for that floor. His office is in the family room and he is very good at his job. When he screws up, I pick him up and shake some sense into him. Luckily for him, this does not happen very often.

Big Mikey works on the second floor where he is charge of security up there. He shares an office with Mom and since I spend a lot of time working with Mom, I see Big Mikey all the time. He gets on my nerves much more than Buddy Dog does. Maybe I am more used to Buddy Dog or maybe Big Mikey's size bothers me, but there are some days where I can't help but tackle him to the floor when I walk in Mom's office.

Since I am in charge of security for the entire property, both of my brothers report to me. I love being king of the house! When they screw up, Devil Dog comes out. You don't want to get Devil Dog mad because then there will be hell to pay. This is me getting mad. Scary, huh?

Neither of my brothers have blogs because they are much too busy working. Plus, there can only be one star in the house and that's me. I love being an only child, being in charge, and being the favorite. Ah, the life of spoiled pug. That's my life and I love it!


Henry the Dog said...

I loved that post, Stubby, it was so funny. I could just see you as a pup getting all scared of Buddy Dog and good on you for shaking some sense into him too from time to time. I have one that mum and Uncle Hugh call 'Petit Henri' and they sit him on their knee and stroke him sometimes as if HE'S their favourite, and not me. It makes my hackles go up. To be honest, I think they do it on purpose to make me jealous. I have to give him a good shake too from time to time.

Stubby said...

Hey Henry - Petit Henri sounds a lot like Buddy Dog. Mom likes to tell Buddy Dog that he is such a good pug and it definitely gets my hackles up. Of course this is done on purpose, just like your mum and Uncle Hugh do with Petit Henri. It is our job to shake some sense into our little buddies, isn't it?

Pearl said...

HAHA Oh Stubby! I love your 2 brothers! They must really look up to you!

Stubby said...

Hi Pearl - Glad you could pop on over. My brothers are big time troublemakers and it is my job to keep them in line. Of course they look up to me since I am the big brother. xoxo

Janice said...

Hi Stubby,
Just writing to let you know that I "heart" you and your terrific smile and how you take care of security for the entire homestead. Your parents must be very proud of you! I'm missing my two kitty babies these days (they're at my old place)and when I'm really down about that I visit your blog. You make me feel better. Thank you, Stubby!

Stubby said...

Hi Janice - How sweet of you to "heart" me! I feel so special. I am so glad that my blog makes you feel better when you are missing your two kitty babies. I love kittys and have lots of kitty friends, so I know how special they are. Stop by anytime you need a pick-me-up. Stubby xoxo