Sunday, August 15, 2010

Am I A Cornhusker?

Do you know what a cornhusker is? Me neither but Mom says I'm one because I'm in Nebraska. After sitting in the car for for about 2,395 hours today we arrived at our first destination, North, Platte, Nebraska. If I'm a cornhusker then I demand some corn!

We left the house super early this morning. I was sound asleep, dreaming about food and friends when the alarm went off. I opened one eye and rolled over to go back to sleep. There was no way I was getting up before the sun so I hung out in bed while Mom and Dad ran around the house getting all my stuff ready for the road trip.

Mom had the bright idea to bring my bed (which I never sleep in) on the trip. Why? Your guess is as good as mine. Dad didn't think it was a good idea but he went along with it anyway. He put the 40 of the 60/40 backseat down and then put my bed on top of it. It really wasn't so bad because I was up high and could see out the window but I hate not touching Mom. She says I'm getting very clingy in my old age and that I have to be next to her all the time. Duh!

I had never been on Interstate 88 and thought it was really cool that there were wind turbines near the city of DeKalb, home of Northern Illinois University. Mom was too busy oohing and ahhing over them to take any pictures but as soon as we crossed the Mississippi River, out came the phone and snap, snap, snap. Whatever.

As we cruised into Iowa I decided that I was over the bed and needed to be on the seat touching Mom. I cried and cried until she took me out of the bed, put the bed on top of the snack bags, pushed up the seat, and spread my blanket out. Ahhh. Now I was comfy and could take a nap.

We had to stop for fuel around lunchtime so why not also get some lunch? I was starving but didn't get to pick the lunch place. Mom always gets to pick because she has issues. Her choice? Panera Bread. I'm okay with Panera because Dad always gets a sandwich and I get part of it. Since we were on a tight schedule, Mom and I hung out on the patio while Dad went inside to order our food to go. I love eating in the car so this was perfect for me.

Mom drove while Dad ate in the back with me but once I the food was gone I started crying again. I wanted to sit in front with Mom but the front seat was full of stuff. I just couldn't get comfy in the back with Dad so Mom's turn as driver only lasted a few hours. I took my afternoon nap once Mom was back where she belonged.

We arrived in North Platte a little ahead of schedule which was a good thing because it was past my dinnertime. I had to inspect our hotel, the LaQuinta, to make sure it was dog friendly as advertised on their website and thankfully it was. I wanted to change the sign to Pug Friendly but Mom told me that she saw other dogs at the hotel. Cool!

I'm only going to be a cornhusker until tomorrow because we have to keep moving west. We are supposedly sleeping in tomorrow morning but I'll believe it when it happens. I'm off to bed because I have a big day planned for tomorrow.


dw said...

Wow, Stubby, Nebraska already! I was on 88 through Illinois, when I was heading to Kansas. All the wind turbines are really cool! Hope you rest up, you've had a big day! Take care, my friend!

Wilma said...

Hi Stubby,
Oh you re so funny. You are just like Brigitte and Sluggo. They must be touching Mom at all times in the car. Brigitte hates when Mom drives, she makes the strangest sounds during most of every trip. I simply stretch out in back and relax while the two of them do their thing.

THE PUGLET said...

Woohoo, Stubbs! Iowa sounds super exciting. Especially if you've never been anywhere but Northern California. And some place called Reno.

Can't wait to see where else you land. Living thru ya, dude.

THE PUGLET said...
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Anonymous said...

未來的幸福是用現在買來的。.. ... ............................................................

Yoda & Brutus said...

Wow, you are making great time!! There is nothing wrong with wanting to touch mom at all times either :)

Pugs & Kisses,

Yoda & Brutus

Pearl said...

I hope you are having SO much fun on your trip! Nebraska is right above Oklahoma!!

You guys be safe and have a blast!!!


Nancy Medina said...

Dear Stubs, this here is Howie. Can you tell me where that dog friendly establishmit is? Sometimes Annie is real annoying and I need a place to hang out, y'know? I am not real sure if you are a cornhusker, but if you happen to get some corn while you are on the road, could you bring sum to me? I am real hungry.
Your good pal, Howie PeeMan in Texas

Sequoia & Petunia said...

Hi Stubby! We are twins. I have to be in a lap when in the car and 99% of the time it better be Mom's lap. That means the 48hrs we drove recently Mom only drove like 3hrs of it. I know you a lil bigger then me but Mom rides with a bed on her lap and I sleeps in it!

Safe travels to your family,

Hank said...

Stubman! You was meant fer life on the road!

Y'all have a great time an' be safe, 'k?

Tweedles -- that's me said...

We wish you safe travels my friend.
When you get to California, you might see some forests. If you do, look in the trees and you might see OWLBURT.
Watch for the magic bubbles