Sunday, August 29, 2010

High Desert and Cowboys

This dude was hanging out at our hotel in Santa Fe. Mom had told me all about Santa Fe but I had to see it to believe it and believe it I did. It was totally awesome! This high desert living is perfect for pugs and I think I might want to relocate here.

I loved how chili peppers hung above all the doorways. Mom knocked into the ones that hung above our hotel door several times but I always ducked to avoid them. I need some of these for our front door back home.

Check out the cool courtyard at our hotel. We had the first room on the left, room 101. I think they put us in a room close to the front desk because they wanted to me close to them. They totally loved me!
I took many walks through the courtyard checking for food at each door. Our hotel, The Hotel Plaza Real, was very dog friendly and there were several dogs staying there. I never found any food but that wasn't for lack of trying.

We even had a cool deck off the back of our room. I liked cruising out there too because the weather was perfect. I wanted to dine al fresco every night but Mom put the kibosh on that.

Mom and Dad left me on Wednesday to visit the Georgia O'Keeffe museum. Mom fell in love with Georgia the last time they were in Santa Fe and there was no way she was missing the latest exhibit. The museum is not dog friendly so I had to hang out at the hotel, watch HBO and dream about my next food discovery.

As Thursday morning rolled around, I tried to convince Mom that we needed to stay in Santa Fe just one more day. I must need Bellatrix's orbs because my sad eyed look just didn't do the trick. I stayed in bed as long as I could before being carried to the car to head out to see the cowboys.

We were in the car about 2 seconds before Dad pulled over and stopped the car. I wondered what was going on but soon found out that we had stopped to take a picture. Of me with a picture of me.
Mom and Dad bought me a collar last time they were here and the jeweler put a picture of me wearing my collar in the display case. We had been so busy doing this and that that we never even visited the store. Dad had visited with the jeweler on Wednesday as he walked around town but I wasn't with him. You may need to biggify the picture to get a look at it because it was really early in the morning, hence the darkness.

And then we finally left Santa Fe and headed for the land of cowboys - Texas! The Pugpants were anxiously awaiting our arrival and they had big plans for our visit.

That's Aunt Nancy and AnnieBelly greeting us at the door. Aunt Nancy made me my own name tag so that everyone on my road trip would know who I was. Isn't she the best?

The rest of the gang were behind the gate in the kitchen because they were so excited. From left to right, that's Howie, Tanner, and Java. Tanner is a foster that is living with the Pugpants until Aunt Nancy can find him a good home. He is learning the ropes of living with a family from Howie. Poor Tanner lived in a crate for the first seven years of his life and has a lot of catching up to do. Dad wanted to take him back home with us but there was no room in the car.

AnnieBelly was out and about the whole time we were there and don't think she didn't rub the other puggies face in it. She was so much fun to be around and she didn't even freak me out. Usually puppies act all crazy around me but Annie was a perfect little lady. I told Dad I would make room in the car for Annie but he said there was no way Aunt Nancy was parting with her princess.

Uncle Carlos brough Red Hot and Blue bbq home for dinner and not a moment too soon. There aren't any pictures of the food or of us eating because it was all gone in the blink of an eye. It was so delicious and I sure wish we had a Red Hot and Blue close to home.

After dinner Aunt Nancy took Mom and I to a DFW Pug Rescue fundraiser at a sno cone shop. Aunt Nancy does a lot of work for them by fostering pugs like Tanner and editing their newsletter. She is a true champion for pugs in need and I give her two paws up for all the great work she does.

I had to have a group picture of the people that were still at the fundraiser and even though we got there as it was winding down there were still some people left. The founder of the club is on the far left and it's his mission to find homes for all the pugs that don't have homes. He gives of himself tirelessly and I hate to think about what would happen to all the homeless pugs if it weren't for him.

Mom wouldn't let me have a sno cone because she said I had already had enough food for one day. These cute little second graders came over to say hi and pet me and I almost had them talked into getting me a sno cone when Mom busted me. The girls wanted to know if I was up for adoption because who wouldn't want a cute Stubby at home?

I slept so good at Aunt Nancy's house despite the 4 am wake up call. I didn't answer it but Mom and Dad did. Silly parents!

Soon it was time to hit the road yet again. Java and Annie didn't want me to leave and I didn't want to leave either. I could have stayed there forever because Aunt Nancy loves me so much but I had to go because I had more stops to make on my road trip.

Java thanked me for stopping by and for the bag of treats I brought. I sure hope Howie shares the treats with his siblings because I think he thinks they're all for him.

Howie pouted as I packed my bags and headed for the door. I really liked Howie and I think he gets a bad wrap on the bloggie. He did try to jump in our car as we were pulling away but I don't think it was because he was trying to get away from his peeps. I think he wanted to go road trip and was especially interested in our next destination. Poor Howie. Maybe you can get your maw to take you on a road trip.

I can't thank Aunt Nancy and Uncle Carlos enough for their hospitality. They gave us a whole boat load of gifts to take home and even gave us breakfast to go. They are so sweet!

I hated to leave Texas because it was so much fun but I knew that I had more places to go and people to meet. Everything really is bigger in Texas and it felt like home. I will go back someday with an empty belly and a loving heart.


dw said...

And the adventure just keeps continuing!!! Wow, Stubby, you are sure one lucky puggie to go all over the country visiting everyone! And how cool is it that YOUR picture is up in that display case!!! I could see it without even having to bigify! You know, it sure is interesting that you never have pics of the food for the pups -- you guys just eat way too fast! It looks like you had a great Santa Fe and Texas adventure, but that still leaves you with move miles to travel before you get home (and miles to travel before you get home! yeah, a little nod there to Robert Frost)! Safe travels!

Benny and Lily said...

Thank you for your review of Santa Fe. It sure looks like an awesome, quaint and relaxing place. Lots of puggys live there we see. Hope it was fun to be hanging out with mom
Benny & Lily

SpencerBartholomew said...

What an awesome adventure Stub Man. Texas! Wow- looks like you had a great time. We miss ya over here in Cali but know you are making so many pugs & people smile with your visit. Keep up the good work!

THE PUGLET said...

Oh how cool! your Santa Fe famousness... The Pugpants family... BBQ! Next time you go on a world tour, can I come with??

Sequoia & Petunia said...

Stubby you are a traveling man!!

Safe travels to your family,
Sequoia and Tuni

Pugs2Luv said...

Our mom loves the Georgia O'Keefe museum. The Pugpants gang look like a lot of fun. Plus we love saying Pugpants! This is the best trip ever... we're having fun & its not even our trip. Continue to have a safe journey, can't wait to hear about more adventures.
Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

Salinger The Pug said...

Oh WOW dude!!! I am GREEN with envy over your big road trip/world tour!!! I can't believe you got to meet the PugPants!!!!!

Good call staying in the hotel room during the museum. Mom says that lady paints stuff that looks like vajayjays and you know that isn't my thing either, so I'm sure HBO was much more interesting.

Can't wait to read about the next leg of your trip!


Pearl said...

Oh Stubby! I just love hearing all about your trip. I have always wanted to go to Santa Fe!

And you got to meet the PUGPANT FAMILY?!? Oh my goodness, a dream come true! They are the BEST!

I wonder where your next stop will be?!!? ;)


Tweedles -- that's me said...

Your awsome trip brings tears to my eyes, because I am so happy for you and your mom and dad.
You have been everywhere,,, even the big STAR STATE of Texas, and seeing the pugpants.
What a trip to remember for ever.
My moms love Georgia Okeefe too,
Sante Fe might live in your heart forever - aye Stubby?
Thank you for sharing your trip

Melissa and Emmitt said...

oh stubby!

what a fabulos post!

we wish i could have come with you the whole way!

what was i thinking?

i should have stowed away in the green buggy in the back of your truck!