Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cruising Down Cali Highway 1

I can't even begin to tell you how much I loved the bed at the Ritz Carlton. It reminded me of Salinger's big cloud bed. It was so comfy cozy that I didn't ever want to leave but Sunday morning rolled around and Mom told me we were hitting the road. So soon? We just got here!

Five more minutes, please? I told Mom I was still tired from all the food I ate on Saturday but it didn't work. We were checking out of Half Moon Bay and heading south to see the California coast.

The California coast is simply beautiful. California Highway 1 hugs the coast and as we headed south we drove through Santa Cruz and and Monterey. I have to admit that I slept through most of the pretty scenery, but once I woke up I was so excited to hear that we were going to Carmel. None of us had ever been there and we were meeting up with one of Mom's turtle peeps, Jim. Mom is always talking about Jim and I couldn't wait to meet him. He was taking us to the Forge Restaurant because it's dog friendly. I told Dad to step on it because I was starving!

OMD! A menu just for me. How cool is that? I couldn't believe my ears when Mom read me the menu. I told her I wanted one of everything but she told me that it wasn't a buffet and that I could only have one thing. Hmmm. What to choose? I finally decided on the "Good Dog" because that's what I am!

I had to get my picture taken with Jim and the restaurant menu because this was the first time I had ever eaten in a restaurant and I have Jim to thank for it. Jim was so cool and now I know why Mom likes turtling with him.

I was very impatient while I waited for my food. What was the cook doing? Didn't he hear me crying on the patio? Hurry up dude! Starving pug at table #1!

Finally my food arrived and not a moment too soon. I wish there were pictures of me eating but you know no one can snap pictures that fast. The "Good Dog" was delicious and I give it two paws up!

After lunch Jim took us to the beach. There were so many people and dogs everywhere! Dad carried me in the pooch carrier while he walked on the beach. Jim reminded me that this was the last beach I would see on my Cali trip. I loved the beach and can't wait to visit it again. Soon we were on the road again and where do you think we were headed? To the Smushie Ranch!

I was so excited when we pulled up to the Smushie Ranch and were greeted by Gunther and Betty. What an awesome welcoming committee! This was our final stop in Cali and I just knew we were going to have a great time hanging out with these guys.

Shannon showed us around the ranch while all the Smushies follow us. Here they are in Shannon's office doing what they do best. They have beds all over the place. What a life!

Shannon always has at least one Smushie on her lap at all times. Stella usually does her own thing but Shannon picked her up for this picture. How cute are they?

Newman is such a momma's boy. He's still a baby and needs lots of attention which is okay with everyone because he's such a lover. I know that some of your parents wanted me to put Newman in my suitcase and ship him to them but there way no way Shannon was going to part with him.

How many of you have ever seen Bruce, aka Smushie dad, before? He usually hangs out behind the scenes but Gunther was acting so silly on Bruce's lap that Mom couldn't help but take a picture. Silly Gunther!

Gunther and I had lots to talk about. I asked him if it was hard living with two sisters and Newman and he told me that he wouldn't have it any other way. That dude is so cool that I wanted to take him home. Dad loved Gunther and couldn't get enough of him.

I slept so good on the ranch. The bed in the guest room was so comfy that I didn't want to get up. It's so quiet there that you find you have no sense of time. All the Smushies get up early and Betty takes her medicine bright and early at 6 am. For all her toughness, Betty is really a softy at heart.

Shannon said that this was a typical morning on the ranch. Smushies on top, on the side, and all over her! Shannon is such a great mom and she welcomed me with open arms like I was one of her own.

I chilled out on the couch before we headed out on Monday morning. I wanted to stay because the alpacas were due to arrive by noon but the road was calling my name.

We left Smushie Ranch at 10:00 am and were sent off in style. Thanks again to Shannon, Bruce and the gang for opening up their ranch to us. We will definitely be back!

We spent 2,957 hours in the car after leaving the ranch of which I slept 2,956 of them. Our Monday night stop was Flagstaff, AZ and even though there weren't any pugs to welcome me to town, I had a good time just hanging out in the hotel with Mom and Dad.

Tuesday's destination was Santa Fe, NM which is where we still are. I love it here because I get to go everywhere even if I do have to ride in my buggy. This town is very dog friendly and the weather is very pug friendly. I really like it here but we are heading out early tomorrow morning as we continue to make our way back home. We left home 1 1/2 weeks ago but our trip is far from over. We still have so much to see and do. And to eat!


Simply Pug said...

We loved the dog friendly menu!
Was it any good?
Hope the rest of your travels hot-diggity-dogin!
~Baby and Lucy

Winston (smilingpug) said...

OMD I needs to get to that restaurant pronto!!!!! Oh Stubby you are so lucky to meet so many peeps and pugs. The smush faces..... how cool is that! What a trip what an experience what one lucky puggy yous is!


Stella, Gunther and Betty said...

Gunther has been asking how his best buddy Stubby is doing.

We had one heck of heat wave right after you left. Momma ran out and bought a portable a/c just for us.

It was wonderful have the Stubby family here with us!

Hugs and kisses,
The Smushies

Pugs2Luv said...

We are so going to the Forge! Then were running away to the Smushie Ranch; it looks like a pugs dream!
Continue to enjoy your trip. Travel safe.
Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

Dougie Declan said...

I'm so jealous! I hope someday I get to go on a road trip!! I want to go to California, and so do my mommies!! That restaurant food looks SOOOO yummy! I've been to restaurants before... but my mommies have to hide me in my pup purse because they sneak me in... Have a blast on the rest of your trip!

Tiny-Tongue Lickies,

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Your road trip has just been awsome. You are so generous to share it with us,
I see the pics of you at the Smushie Ranch,,,, and now I want to go. It looks awsome there. Look at that happy family!
I also want to go eat that place where the menu was friendly too Stubby

Oakley and Swisher said...

Stub man-

OMD!! You were in our neck of the woods we can't believe it!! We knew you were in Cali but had no idea you'd be coming to Monterey!! It looks like you had a great time. Especially in Carmel, it is such a dog friendly place. Mom has been wanting to take us to Forge in the Forest and after seeing your post we are going to bug her until she does.

A couple months ago we tried to go to San Luis Obispo from Monterey down highway 1 but a tree or something was blocking the highway in big sur and we had to trun around but what we saw of it was beautiful we hope you or atleast your parents if you were asleep enjoyed it.

We are glad you had a great time in Cali we are sorry we missed you. Have a safe road trip the rest of the way buddy!

Lots of Licks-
Oak and Swish

THE PUGLET said...

I think I'm going to round up all the bay area pugs and storm the Forge. Hmmmmmmm. Steak in a bowl. Hmmmm steak.

Smushie Ranch + Shannon + Bruce seem so awesome. I wish we could have gone. Or I could have gone. Then I'd be in SF, NM with you right now!

The fog has returned here :(

dw said...

Stubby, wow, what a trip -- your very own menu to order from and a visit to the Smushie Ranch! I know this is a whirlwind experience, but I'm sure you're enjoying every single moment!!

Nancy Medina said...

StubbsyDude, this here is your good pal Howie. Did they give you a doggie bag to take with you. Also, can I get the address fur that dog friendly restaurant? Also, do they got rooms for rent, cuz I'm thinkin about relocating there permanent like.
Hungry PeeMan
PS - I got an extry large role of duct tape. I have big plans for Annie next time she takes a nap. Call me *makes cell phone sign next to his ear with his paw*

Minnie Moo said...

The Ritz has a doggy menu?! What?! I need to go to the Ritz. I'm such a princess dog too! The only place I ever get to go on vacation is Grandma and Grandpa's house in Naples, Fl. No one feeds me steak! So jealous! But so glad you get to go all of these awesome places and meet up with the other bloggy pugs! Keep us updated!


Next time we want to go with you guys! Whatta trip!

Luv ya,
Riley and Star.

Sequoia & Petunia said...


You looked so happy at the resturant...mmm your dinner looked delish!

Have fun eating some exciting foods!

Puglette said...

wow! you are a good dog, what a yummy looking dinner. stubby, you have the cutest puggy smile i have ever seen. you are so cute!! and so lucky to visit the smush faces on their new ranch! how exciting your trip has been.

Hank said...

Stubman.....we are smilin' an' laughin' over here I tell ya what.

Great pitchers, bud.

Pee S: So, uh....didja pee on all o' Gunther's faverit spots? Just wonderin'.

Kitty+Coco said...

All we can say about that restaurant is WOWEEEEEEE!! Gosh, what a smart thing to make a special pup menu. It wasn't some tinky little menu either, that was nicely done. Your trip sure looks fun.

Kitty and Coco

Chicas Libelulas said...

Hola Stubby!
What a great Restaurant,it look GOOD.
We just love that you met the smushies, we just love your tour, keep telling all about it
Spongy & Licky