Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bad News For Sigg Lovers

My mom has been Sigg crazy lately! She ordered her first Sigg bottle (Paradise Found) a few months ago and has been obsessed with ordering another bottle ever since. She carries this bottle with her everywhere she goes and I don't know how she is going to fit another Sigg in her bag (she will probably buy a bigger bag).
She just loves the 'Make Love Not Landfill" bottle and has had her eye on it for months. She went to order it on the Sigg site the other day and she screamed out when she read that they were closing their online store.

Hello SIGG Internet Customers,
Due to the incredible demand for SIGG bottles, we are forced to close down the MySIGG shop. We are also unable to supply any other Internet business for Sigg Brand. Our Swiss factory is working around the clock to produce and ship more bottles to us, but the demand has currently and for the near future - exceeded the supply.
Here's why:

1. Due to the recently released report on some polycarbonate plastic #7 bottles leaching the chemical BPA, people are urgently looking for a safe alternative to plastic.
2. “Earth Month” has further raised awareness with Americans that using a reusable waterbottle makes more eco-sense than using disposable PET plastic bottles.

Now let us tell you what we are doing at SIGG Switzerland to manage this situation:

1. Reconfiguring our SIGG Switzerland facility and adding new equipment.
2. Hiring new production workers and having them work around the clock, 3 shifts andweekends.
3. Allocating 50% of our global production for North America.
4. Once summer is over - we will be able to re-assess our supply situation and react.

Other companies might outsource production to low cost markets like China. However,we know that one of the reasons why consumers love the SIGG brand is because ofthe trust in Swiss quality & craftsmanship - and that's what we are investing in!
We will continue to assess our supply vs business opportunities in the near termand longer term future and will let you know when we can strategically supply ourbrand on internet sales again.

Steve WasikCEO, SIGG Switzerland
RobertRobert RheaumePresident, SIGG USA

This is the only Sigg bottle still available for purchase on the Sigg site. It is a nice bottle, with a great message, but it's not exactly what she wants. Luckily, Sigg has a list of retailers on their site where bottles can be purchased. She told me the best place to buy a Sigg bottle at this point is online at:

or at your local Whole Foods Market. She stopped at Whole Foods today and they had lots of them, but not the one she is looking for. Oh and did I mention that I don't have a Sigg bottle? No. Nothing. Maybe she'll buy one for me before they are all gone.


LisaOlson said...

You can get SIGGs, including Love Not Landfill, at 25-40% of your purchase goes to charity, too!

Stubby said...

Thanks for great idea. I hadn't heard of this website before, but I will spread the word!