Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

My mom is always talking about her carbon footprint. She tells everyone that she meets that they should reduce their carbon footprint and she even goes so far as to tell them how to do it. I think my carbon footprint is pretty low because I don't drive or fly. I don't own a home, because the house I live in technically belongs to mom and dad. I will admit to liking air conditioning just a little too much, but hey, if that's my only downfall, I'm doing pretty good.

Mom calculated the carbon footprint created by driving her car, otherwise known as the TURTLER. Now you know how I love that car and I would be very sad if mom got rid of it.

Drum roll please!

Driving the TURTLER 10,000 miles a year:

produces 9,316 pounds of CO2 per year
has an annual fuel consumption of 476 gallons
produces 5 pounds less CO2 per 100 miles than the average car
gets 1 mile per gallon better fuel mileage than the average car
produces 2,684 pounds less CO2 per year than the average car

As you can see, there is good news and bad news. Even though the TURTLER is green, it is not green.

Please calculate the carbon footprint for your car and decide if your car is green enough.

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