Saturday, June 14, 2008

New Visitor Yesterday

We had a new visitor to our pond yesterday.
The weather was kind of icky, but it didn't matter to this guy. This is a double crested cormorant. In the 9 years that we have lived here, we have never been visited by this type of bird. My mom thinks that maybe this guy has a nest in the rookery at Almond Marsh and that he followed one of the great blue herons from the rookery to our pond. I checked him out when I was out walking, but of course he was too busy drying out his wings to notice me.

Later in the day, the babies showed up.
They were making mom very nervous and you can
see that she snapped this picture as they were going back to the pond after hanging out on our lawn. These babies are getting bigger every day and I know it's just a matter of time before they head out on their own.

When my mom told me about this web site she found today, it made me think about one of my good friends. This website,, has lots of eco friendly treats and toys for green dogs like me. My friend Olive lives in South Elgin and at first I thought this was her site, but it's not. Check out all the goodies on this site and send some my way :)

My mom used to have a HUGE book collection, but in recent years, she has donated lots of her books. When she found this site today,, I
got a little worried. More books? Oh no, dad is not going to be happy about this. After hearing more about it, this site catalogs all your books and lets others see what is in your library. What a neat idea - an online catalog for your books. Seriously though, my mom and even my buddy Tony could have thought of this. Check it out and start cataloging away!

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