Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wednesday Wag Out!

Pacifica Candles
My mom is super excited about the products from Pacifica. They sell candles, perfume, soaps, and lotions. Mom is going to buy the Tuscan Blood Orange solid perfume. When she told me the scent I almost vomitted. What the heck does Tuscan Blood Orange smell like? She told me that it is loved for it's absence of bitterness with rich, juicy flavor and bright raspberry and strawberry notes. Italian sweet oranges and mandarins flesh out this naturally beautiful essence. I just don't get it.
Pacifica was founded by Brook Harvey-Taylor and Billy Taylor in 1995 out of their love for exotic fragrance, travel, and romance. They believe that fragrance, much like music, is a beautiful connection to other cultures, experiences, and memories. Fragrance has the ability to place us fully in the moment or bring back the past. Every Pacifica candle is a celebration of color and of the power of essential oils. These elements are blended in unique combinations to inspire passion, evoke specific moods, and take you on a journey in the warmth of your own home. Check them out at
Bring Your Own Bag
My mom is anti-plastic bags. She has a ton of cloth bags in her car so that she can avoid getting plastic bags every time she shops. When she told me about Bring Your Own Bag I knew that she was going to purchase something from them. Bring Your Own Bag Designs Inc. offers reusable tote bags that are both environmentally and fashion conscious. When you use a BYOB bag you help support socially and ethically responsible practices. These tote bags are of superior quality. Made in Vancouver, BC CANADA.Each BYOB tote you use will prevent hundreds of plastic bags fromending up in our oceans, in our trees, or buried in our Earth. If you don't already have a ton of cloth bags or if you just want some new ones, visit
Eco Lips
My mom always tells me that she can never have enough lip balm. The lips (at least the human ones) are very sensitive to the elements and keeping them protected is very important. Eco Lips claims to have the best lip balm in the world. Mom is going to buy some of their balms to test them out. They have lots of yummy flavors like grape, coconut, and kiwi-strawberry. The best part is that they are only $1.99 each. What a bargain! They also have tinted balms and balms on a clip for you sportsmen. Their all-natural formulas, including high concentrations of certified organic ingredients ensures protection from all the harsh elements: sun, wind, and cold. If you need new lip balm or if someone you know does, visit

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Anonymous said...

I write for, and I'm writing to help out our friends at eco-lips. Recently the rains in Iowa destroyed much of their office. They have a little promotion running and I'm just trying to get the word out. Here are the details:

Receive a free Eco Lips Organic Gold Lip Balm ($3.49 value) with any order over $10.00, and free shipping to the U.S. for orders over $15.00 with coupon code: FLOOD

Coupon Code: FLOOD
Expires August 31st, 2008