Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I'm Back!

Mom and dad were on vacation last week and my good buddy Kristen stayed at with me. She is going to be a sophomore at Northern Michigan University (go Wildcats!) this fall. She is majoring in photography, so I am hoping one day that she'll take my picture and make me famous!

The goslings are getting huge! Mom told me that they should be ready to fledge soon, but I think they like hanging out with us.

The geese make mom nervous when they cross the street from the park to our house. She always says "Your babies are going to get run over. Keep them in the park." You can see how close they are to the street as they feed on our freshly seeded lawn.

My mom bought this book while she was on vacation. She tells me that it is about a dog that is going to die and the dog is actually telling the story (though it was written by a human). Mom tells me that I have lots in common with the dog in the book, Enzo, because like Enzo, I wish I had opposable thumbs.

Since the book is about death and dying, mom found an unusual website for pet memorials: What is a reliquary you ask? A reliquary is defined as a receptacle to contain a relic of a saint, sacred object, or something treasured. As such, reliquaries provide us with a very special way to maintain a tangible link to that which is important to us. The permanently sealed reliquary lockets are designed to hold a small memento of your pet: ashes, hair, a feather, whisker, or photo, in honor of the important relationship you had. In this way, they are present even in their absence.
When she showed it to me I thought, I don't want to be worn around your neck when I am dead. What happened to stuffing me and letting me hang out in the family room? You just never know what she will come up with next!

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