Monday, January 26, 2009


Mom started reading this book the other day and so far she really likes it. Despite what people may think, Mom likes cats, but not as much as she likes dogs. Mom had a Siamese cat when she was little and it lived a long time. The cat was very aloof and kept to itself, but Mom liked it anyway.

I like cats too and I have lots of cat friends. I really don't get the whole cat thing - furballs and such - but the older I get the more Mom says I act like a cat. I really didn't understand what she meant until she explained it to me and then the little lightbulb went off. I sleep a lot - like all day long. Mom says that this is what cats do and that some of them sleep up to 20 hours a day. Hmmm. I sometimes sleep that much but I never really thought about it until Mom mentioned this whole cat thing to me.

Dewey is a cat that lives in a library. Mom would love to live in library where she could be surrounded by books 24/7. I'm thinking that I've got it pretty good at home, so no libraries for me. I think I once went through the library drive-thru with Mom when she was dropping off books, but of course I cannot go in the library.

Dewey lives in the library because someone puts him in the night book drop on the coldest day of the year. That is just so cruel! Dewey's adventures, life in small town Iowa, and the daily goings on of the library are all in the book.

Mom told me that there is a list of Dewey's likes and dislikes in the book, so I decided to make my own list. I didn't make it for any reason other than to remind Mom of things I don't like. Dewey created these categories so many of them may not seem very applicable to me, but hey, I am going to play along.

Stubby's Likes and Dislikes

Loves: Popeye's, bacon, luncheon meat, french fries, cheese, pickles, carrots, oranges
Hates: Anything with ketchup on it

Place to sleep
Loves: In bed with Mom and Dad
Hates: Alone

Loves: Buddy dog or Big Mikey
Hates: Toys that won't fit in my mouth

Time of day
Loves: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and nap time
Hates: I love the whole day!

Body position
Loves: Curled up on my side
Hates: I love all body positions!

Loves: Between 70 and 75 degrees - perfect!
Hates: Winter when it is freezing cold and hot, humid days

Hiding place
Loves: Behind the sofa
Hates: Anywhere on the hardwood floors

Loves: Eating, sleeping, riding in the car
Hates: Going to the vet and getting a bath

Loves: On my belly
Hates: My tail

Loves: Stove, refrigerator, microwave, computer
Hates: Vaccum cleaner, luggage

Loves: Dogs, cats, bunnies, geese, fox
Hates: Mosquitoes

Loves: Digging in my ears
Hates: Having my nails clipped

Loves: Heartworm, Tramadol (for arthritis pain)
Hates: Ear drops

Loves: Peeing where everybody else has peed
Hates: Let's make Stubby pee in the cold!

Loves: Almost everyone!
Hates: People who are mean to me and people who don't pet me

Loves: The refrigerator door being opened, the frying pans being taken out
Hates: Thunder, fireworks, motorcycles

Loves: The Tao of Pug
Hates: George W. Bush: Portrait of a Leader


Henry the Dog said...

I'm definitely going to 'steal' your loves and hate theme for a post of my own. That was really interesting Stubby. Hardwood floors are probably a bit like the tiles here at home - I slip and slide all over the place, but am used to it now:)

Stubby said...

Henry - Feel free to steal it for a post - it really is a great idea.
The hardwood floors are like tiles and sometimes I am okay on them. It's my vestibular disease that causes me to have problems on them. I get very confused, my head spins around, and I lose my footing. Sometimes I get stuck in a room because I cannot move for fear of tipping over. I get lots of doggy sympathy (treats, extra pets, etc.) when this happens.

lady jicky said...

G'day Mates! I like your list Stubs.
I am going to do a Kenzo list right here!

Loves -- Brekkie , lunch and tea. chewing on toes, sleeping on my damp towel bed as its hot here (heatwave - going to have 5 days of over 100f!!) Sticks in the backyard - good chewing stuff. My stuffed citty that sleeps with me.

Hates --- Being alone. The Vet and that pink worming stuff - yik!


Stubby said...

Lady Jicky -
Glad to hear that Kenzo is doing good. I so wish it was warm here (but not 100 degrees) because most days it is just barely above 0. I loved to chew on sticks when I was a puppy too - yummy. And I hate being alone because I love people. Kenzo and I have so much in common. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Here via Henry's blog.

Great post - you're a cute pug!

Stubby said...

Hi Lady Fi -
I'm glad you stopped by. I always read your comments on Henry's blog. Thanks for the compliment that I'm cute - I think so too! Stop by again to say hi sometime. xoxo