Friday, January 2, 2009

Time To Get Organized!

While Mom was at the zoo today, I decided to get my toy basket out and organize it. I don't really play with my toys that much, but you just never know when you will get a hankering for a squeaky. My blogging buddy Henry just got his first squeaky for Christmas, but if he wants any of my used squeakys he can have them.
My toy basket is almost bigger than me. It is quite full of goodies as you will see.
I had forgotten about a lot of my toys! Some of my very favorite toys that I had when I was a baby are in the toy basket. I had to check them all out to determine which ones would stay and which would go. I knew it would be a hard decision to get rid of the ones that are really stinky and beat-up, but I knew they had to go.
The picture does not do this toy justice! This is my drumstick and I used to play with this guy every day. I spent many hours flicking the drumstick across the room and then running after it to pick it up and do it again. This is actually a replacement drumstick because the first one I had developed a hole in it - oops. I guess I had really hard teeth back in the old days. As soon as I saw the drumstick, I put it in the "keep" pile.
This is another one of my favorites! As you can see from the picture, I loved this newspaper. At one point I think it squeaked, but I really liked it because I could carry it around in my mouth. I used to lay on the floor and chew the newspaper and that is why one end of it has lost its color. I hope that stuff was not toxic. Maybe that is why I have issues now.
I am not sure why I have two sandwiches. Maybe one was a gift - who knows. I do know that both of these guys still squeak and I think I have to keep one and give one away because I can only play with one at a time.
I have to keep this guy because he has sentimental value. This is Mr. Spooky. He is really dirty and smelly, but he still has lots of life left in him. My best buddy (and adopted older brother) Cody loved Mr. Spooky. Whenever Cody would come over to my house, he would make a beeline for my toy basket, dig around, and pull out Mr. Spooky. He loved this guy! He would then walk around the house and even the backyard with Mr. Spooky in his mouth. He wouldn't put him down - ever. When it was time for Cody to go home, he would walk out the door and all the way home with Mr. Spooky in his mouth. Cody went to the big bone yard in the sky just over a year ago, and I miss him so much. Mr. Spooky always makes me think of Cody and brings a big smile to my face.

I guess my "keep" pile was bigger than my "give" pile, because my toy basket looks the same as it did when I started. I have a hard time parting with things, kind of like separation anxiety. Mom says that I need to have a garage sale in the spring, but I think I will just take my goodies over to the Goodwill Store for some lucky dog to buy. Maybe while I am there I can pick up some new stuff. Shh, don't tell Mom.


Henry the Dog said...

Yeah - throw a squeaky or two over here to me in France. Gosh Stubby, you have LOTS of toys. I don't have anywhere near that many, but mum does let me play with her rolled up dirty socks from time to time - they are my VERY favourite things to play with. I've loved socks from a very young age, especially dirty ones. Can I also say, you're looking very svelte my man;) Keep up the good work.

Stubby said...

Thanks for the compliment on my trim figure Henry. It is very hard to look this good :) I too loved old dirty socks as a puppy, but these days I have no use for them.