Sunday, January 18, 2009

Smiling Dogs

Mom did something today that she has talking about doing for a long, long time. I wondered when she was going to get around to it and for some reason she decided today was the day.

Mom sent my picture to the people at The Bark magazine. They have a section of the magazine called 'Smiling Dogs' where people send in pictures of their dog smiling. I smile all the time and Mom has many pictures of me, so why not send one in?

It was difficult to find just the right picture. There are pictures of me smiling in the sun, at night, in my Halloween costume, in the backyard, on Mom's lap, etc. You get the picture (pun intended) - Mom has lots of pictures of me. She was going to send the picture of me that you see at the left of my blog with the caption "Am I Cute Or What?" because she said that picture really embodies who I am. I don't know what that means, but I like that picture. I look relaxed, happy, and warm. Ah the warmth. Will it ever return?

Mom also likes the picture of me in my purple legs warmers, but I told her that in that picture, despite what she believes, I am not really smiling. I was in pain, remember? If you are not familiar with this picture please click here.

The pictures of me in my Halloween costume are cute, but it's January. I don't have any pictures of me smiling in the snow because the snow is cold. I don't like the cold, snow, or ice. I think I am becoming more of a warm weather dog the older I get.

This is the picture Mom finally decided on sending. She took this in the summer when I had my special collar on. I really think that this picture embodies who I am. What do you think? Is this me or what?

Now it's your turn. Get your cameras ready and take some pictures of your dog smiling. I know that Henry's mum has lots of pictures of him smiling and I am sure that Lady Jicky is sure to take some pictures of her new puppy Kenzo smiling really soon. Even if you don't get selected to appear in the magazine you could be selected to appear on the website. Or maybe in even in their new book. Hopefully all of our pictures will appear somewhere and we will become famous!

Send your picture to Your dog's name must be in both the subject line & as the title of the photo. Make sure to include your name/address in the message. Good luck to everyone and keep on smiling!


lady jicky said...

I really like that red colar Stubby and I think that photo is "you"! I wish you and your Mum good luck - if they do not publish it they must be crazy!
Little Kenzo is too busy chewing to smile at the moment but my hubby and I are smiling and I know Oscar and Rosie are smiling down on us too.

Stubby said...

Lady Jicky - Thanks for the words of encouragement. Little Kenzo is too cute! I remember when I was a puppy and I would chew my toys all day and night. I was such a handful as I'm sure Kenzo is. Ah, the puppy years.
Kenzo is lucky to have two little angels, Oscar and Rosie, watching out for him. I am sure that they are happy that you and your hubby found such a great little guy to love.
xoxo Stubby

Henry the Dog said...

Mum says that photo of you is lovely and she wants to give you a big hug. Mum says dogs have lovely smiley faces. It's difficult to capture me because normally when I'm smiling I'm very excited and am zooting around all the time. She says I'm difficult to capture. But she's going to give it a go.

Stubby said...

Henry - I am sending a big hug right back to you mum. Please sit still while you mum takes a photo of you smiling so that we can both be in the magazine. Good luck to both of us!