Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mom's Birthday Gift

This is what I bought Mom for her birthday - isn't it cool? Mom has a really old bike (older than me) and even though Mom loves it, it makes a lot of noise. When I am in my buggy attached to Mom's bike, I can hear her bike rattle and clank, and it makes me crazy. I thought that a new bike would be a perfect gift for her birthday and so I went shopping to find just the right one.

This bike is made by Specialized and is called Carmel. I thought it looked pretty cool and that my buggy would look neat hooked up to the back of it. It is a lot lighter than Mom's old bike and should be easier to lift on and off the bike rack. Plus, this bike has suspension in the front and on the seat, which will make the ride much smoother.

The bad thing is that it is way too cold to bike ride today. It is currently -9 degrees. That is the air temperature and with the wind, the temperature feels like -35 degrees. Yikes it is so cold! The only good thing is that it is sunny, so sunny that you need to wear sunglasses.

I am going to stay in today and catch up on my sleep. Maybe I will dream about warm weather, warm enough that Mom can ride her new bike with me in my buggy, the wind blowing in my face. Ah, spring is just around the corner, isn't it?


lady jicky said...

Stubs - that is one "fabbo" present!
You must post a photo of you in your buggy on the new bike!!

Roll on Spring!

Máiréad said...

Like your blog.
I think I'll buy that cool Pit Putty I just read about on your blot.

Henry the Dog said...

Hey Stubby, how cool is that to have your own buggy? Way to go. Wish I had one. I'm jealous. And what a great present. Mum once had a bike, when she didn't have a dog (in between Sam and me). She enjoyed bike riding, but she prefers walking me. I guess, with a buggy, she could do both!

Stubby said...

Lady Jicky - It is a fabbo present! As soon as spring arrives Mom will hook up my buggy and away we will go!

Mairead - Thanks for stopping by. Mom is still waiting for her Pit Putty to arrive, but she received the Olive My Body and she loves it!

Henry - My buggy is super cool. Mom loves to walk and run, but I cannot walk far and I cannot run at all. The buggy was the perfect thing and once I got use to it, I actually liked it. Tell your mum to get a bike and a buggy. I think she will really like it. Check out my post about my first buggy ride here